What are Walking Shoes all about ?

Many people around us have to spend hours walking for their jobs like people in customer care or assistant buyers. These people need to have especially made shoes which help them for long hours of walking. While walking, the weight is evenly distributed on the feet, and weight rolls from the heels towards your toe.

Walking shoes are designed by keeping in mind the mechanics of your body, and these are more flexible. More arch support and lower mesh are necessary for walking shoes as compared to running shoes. It is highly recommended to find the best-fitted shoes on your feet which can help prevent injury, discomfort and also make walking comfortable for you.

There are a few tips by experts which are helpful to find the best possible walking shoes.


You should be a little careful when it comes to choosing your walking shoes. There are a few features which are must-haves in walking shoes. Some of them are given below to make it easier for you to find the best walking shoes. Whenever you go out shopping for your walking shoes, keep these points in your mind, and you will have a good pair of walking shoes.

  1. Insole

Insoles are important to support and arch your feet, and these should be comfortable enough during walking. You might also find removable insoles which can also be washed and put back in the shoes. You can also dry the removable insoles between walking sessions.

  1. Midsole

Midsoles can be made up of air, foam or gel and all of these are used to provide cushioning to your feet.

  1. Outsole

This portion is the one which actually makes contact with the ground and provides traction to your feet and helps you walk with balance.

  1. Upper

This is the upper portion which holds the shoe on your foot; it is mainly made up of synthetic material, mesh or leather. It is recommended to go for upper made of mesh because mesh allows better ventilation and lighter in weight.

  1. Heel Collar

It makes the shoes fit and cushions the ankle. Some of the shoes also have Achilles tendon protector which lowers the stress on Achilles tendons and make the shoes more comfortable.

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The Shape of Your Feet

Considering the shape of your feet is also important when it comes to choosing your shoes. Your feet come in all shapes and sizes, and that’s why it is crucial to find the best fit. If you have found the best shoe which also fit into your foot properly, then you can avoid most of the painful problems of walking. Always look at the size and shape of your feet very carefully when you are looking for the best shoes for walking because it is an essential factor. Some of the important features to look for are given below.

  1. Type of Arch on your Feet

Almost every person’s foot makes an arch in the middle, and it is important to find a pair of shoes which fit the arch of your foot. Before selecting shoes for your arched feet, it is necessary to know the type of arch your feet have. Generally, your feet are arched in three different ways, i.e., neutral arched feet, low arched feet (or flat feet) and high arched feet.

  • Neutral Arched Feet: These types of shoes have neither high nor low arches and these required to have firm midsoles in your shoes.
  • Low Arched Feet: These are also known as flat feet which can be problematic in many individuals because these feet cause stress to your muscles. You are going to need motion control shoes which help stabilize your feet.
  • High Arched Feet: High arched feet mostly put a strain on your joints as well as muscles. These types of feet lack shock absorption; that’s why you need to find shoes with higher shock absorption and more cushioning.
  1. Length and Width

You should also look at the width and length of your shoes. Always look for the shoes which fit your feet completely. Too narrow or too wide shoes can affect your walking as well as it can cause multiple problems and injuries. Too wide shoes will make your foot slip in the shoes while too narrow shoes can cause problems like bunions and hammertoes.

Other Tips

  • If you go shopping for shoes then bring your socks with you which you intend to wear while walking.
  • Feet swell while walking so go for shoe shopping at noon or after a walk.
  • Try to buy your shoes from an athletic shoe store where you can get a professional fitting for your shoes and tips from the experts.

Your feet carry the whole weight of your body so treat them with care.