What are Indoor Soccer Shoes ? Let’s Find Out

What Are Indoor Soccer Shoes?

Soccer is famous, but an innovation in the game known as indoor soccer is more popular now. Indoor soccer is very famous in America and Canada. It is getting popular, and people play it on the indoor artificial turf. If you want to play indoor soccer, you need especially designed shoes for that which have better grip and free of cleats.

Is it Necessary to have Indoor Soccer Shoes?

There is no denying that only one pair of shoes can be sufficient for your workouts, tennis practices, and indoor soccer. However, if you are pursuing indoor soccer seriously or you want to play the game without hurting your feet you need to have a pair of indoor soccer shoes. If your footwear is not supporting your feet, you might end up hurting your feet or even more serious injury. You will have less control over the ball which will not help you enjoy the game. Like every other sport, indoor soccer also requires you to have the right kit including right shoes.

Right pair of shoes will give you control in your game and help you play with precision without hurting yourself. The reason behind this is the fact that indoor soccer shoes are made up of the material which gives you control over the ball, traction on the indoor surfaces. These shoes also allow you to move your feet in multi-directions so you can move your feet freely. You would be relieved to know these shoes also have soles which do not leave any marking on the court, so it does not get ruined.

Another reason to buy a pair of indoor soccer shoes instead of using tennis shoes is the fact that your cross trainers are designed to help you move forward, but you will be moving in different directions while playing indoor soccer. Indoor soccer shoes have harder and flexible soles which allow you to move in any direction you want. These shoes provide you support to move in any direction. Indoor soccer surfaces need to you to have special soles which can be moved quickly on artificial turf and hard surfaces. It requires more grip from your shoes and traction, so you don’t slip on those artificial surfaces of an indoor soccer court.

Indoor soccer shoes do not always require traction on the sole but also traction is required on the upper, so the ball is controlled better. Indoor soccer requires you to accelerate and turn on a dime and controlling the ball at the same time. The best pair of indoor soccer shoes will fulfill all the requirements for the game. Nowadays many popular brands understand the requirements and provide you with perfect indoor soccer shoes like Adidas and Samba. These shoes offer perfect fit and support for the feet. These are lightweight so you don’t feel fatigued while playing the game and you can easily move around.

You can play indoor soccer with any pair of shoes you want but using the right pair of shoes make you enjoy the game more and prevent injury.


Indoor Soccer Shoes with the Best Support

You will find different types of shoes in the market to play indoor soccer. It has been recognized by some of the most popular brands in the industry that indoor soccer is gaining popularity day by day and it needs perfectly designed shoes for better performance. Indoor soccer requires shoes which make it easier to move in multi-directions without much effort. The padding should be enough to protect your toes as well as your heels. The shoes should be low profile so it can keep your toes contact with the surface. These specially designed shoes are not only good to support and protect your shoes, but these are also great for the efficiency in your game. These should support the arch in your feet. You should be extra careful while choosing your shoes if you have any problem like flat-feet. People who love to play indoor soccer should always think about the best-designed soccer shoes which provide maximum support to your feet. The reason to find perfect shoes is the fact that your feet are your ultimate weapon in indoor soccer. Always keep in mind the special requirements of your feet while buying indoor soccer shoes.

Indoor Shoes which are Lightest in Weight

Shoes’ weight is determined by the material used in its manufacturing. Different people have different choices when it comes to the shoes’ material. There are three different types of material which are being used in the making of indoor soccer shoes. All of these materials have different benefits and disadvantages for the weight of your shoes. You can look for the material which is most suitable for you according to your budget and other requirements.

The leather is known to be the most popular material for uppers of indoor soccer shoes. The leather is one of those materials which give control in this game and great touch. Synthetic uppers are also very popular among indoor soccer players because these are the lightest in weight. Among the three most popular materials comes the Kangaroo leather which is the favorite one among players because of the reason that it is soft and does not require much time to break-in. Full-grain leather can also be used and it is also soft and durable for indoor soccer players. However, it is heavier and also expensive than other options. Calfskin leather is also used in indoor shoes’ making, and it is considered to be durable and soft. Calfskin leather is soft, but it is much heavier than other materials.

You can also go for synthetic materials while shopping indoor soccer shoes, and these are lightest in weight among all the other materials. These are also in popular demand because of cost-effectiveness and because these are lightweight.


You will more in control during your indoor soccer game if you are wearing the right pair of shoes. You will see your feet are well protected and supported by the perfectly designed shoes. You will have your feet stabilized, and the ball is controlled by your shoes and traction is improved. The bottom line is if you really want to enjoy the game then go the extra mile and buy the right pair of indoor soccer shoes, and you will see the difference.