Shoes and Insoles to Help with High Arch Problems

It is a rather known fact that is choosing the right shoe for yourself lead to your feet taking advantages from maximum support in the arch area as well as considerate cushioning.

Most people who have a rather high arch do not really suffer from severe symptoms, while on the other hand, people foot pain is quite common amongst people.

In such cases, experts recommend the use of cushions, insoles, and orthotics.

Problems with high arches:

If you too are someone who has a high foot arch, then it might be every day for you that your foot is not able to touch the touch the ground every time it lands. This is in comparison with a normal arch. The arch of the foot plays the role of a natural absorber with regard to getting flattened as soon as it comes into contact with the ground. It is true that high foot arch fails to flatten as soon as it touches the ground, with regard to taking steps. This results in the forces not being balanced and maximum strain being put on the heel as well as the ball. Study has proven that people who have a high arch are at a much higher risk of suffering from injuries, for example plantar fasciitis and shin splints. They are even on the verge of developing hammertoes and calluses. Another medical term which is used to describe the condition of high arched foot is cavus foot.

What are the causes?

In some cases, people suffer from high arch foot by inheriting it from the family. While in other cases, this condition develops due to the person falling victim to nerve and bone conditions. If the person is having difficulty walking, running or even just standing on his/her high arch foot, then it is better advised that the respective person needs to pay a visit to the doctor and discuss the condition. The doctor will better be able to explain the reasons which might have led to that person suffering from this condition. It is important for you to take help from an orthopedic specialist or podiatrist.

It is very easy to tell whether the person has a high arch, by just looking at the feet area generally. While the person is standing, the person who might be standing at your side can just tell by looking at your feet and locating the space which is visible from a distance as well. The space prevails in the bottom area of your feet and the ground. The area seems to be hollow to the person watching. In order to test whether or not you have a high arch foot, you can take help from a wet foot test as well. Take a piece of paper and wet it, after that place your foot on top of the wet paper. Once you take your foot back off, there will be very little or almost no moisture on your foot area due to the hollow space which is created with regard to placing the foot coming into contact with the ground. While on the other hand, you will find a lot of moisture which will tend to appear on the foot print right on the ball and heel area.

Best footwear for people with high arches:

As it has been stated above as well maximum shock is not absorbed by high arch feet, it becomes rather difficult for one to find such a shoe which will cater to the need of providing maximum cushioning and support. The athletic cushioned shoes are designed and made in such a manner that makes them one of the best options of the absorption of shock. When you visit shoe stores, the label under which you will find these athletic cushion shoes is plus or cushioned. It is better for you to look for such shoes that carry within more volume as compared to the rest, a major reason for this is that more space in shoes is needed by people who have high arch feet. All you have to do is explain your respective feet condition to the available staff members at the respective shoe store, and they will know exactly which shoe will fit your requirements. The other way to go about his is to try as many shoes as you can in order to decide on purchasing the best one amongst the lot.

The other truth is that although the athletic shoes carry within quite a lot of support, but not always is it that they come with, maximum support for your feet condition. In order to receive the exact right amount of support for you high arch feet, t is best recommended by experts that you make use of maximum support insoles and place it in your respective shoes. This will play the role of providing your feet with support as well as cushioning. While placing the insole in your new shoe, remember to take the old one out. Otherwise, it will end up taking a lot of space in your shoes.

Another solution to this medical condition is to make use of lacing techniques in an efficient manner. This technique will result in you being able to make yourself free form the wrath of foot pain and the pressure which is usually exerted by the shoe laces. If you make use of a wide shoe lace technique, it will further play a major role in reducing the pressure as much as possible. This reduction in the pressure occurs on the very top area of your feet.

There is absolutely no denying of the fact that a person needs to keep his/her feet in the right condition in order to enjoy exercising, running, walking or even standing for that matter. Pay a visit to the doctor and go any one of your local footwear stores, try out the shoes and chose the best one for your feet, amongst the lot.