Are Nursing Shoes Different From Regular Footwear?

Nursing is a profession which requires a lot of walking and standing up during the day. Nurses always require wearing footwear which helps their feet to be relaxed and comfortable during their working hours.

Even if the nurses are practicing one or the one who are registered both of them are needed to wear footwear which is decent as well as it supports their feet. Most of the nurses work hours long shifts which usually go from 8 to even 10 hours. Some of them also require working more than five days a week.

Most of these nurses think that they can go and work in usual working shoes while it is not possible to work in those shoes and not get your feet hurt.

These long and hectic hours of duty can be made easier if you wear professional footwear.

Why are nursing shoes important?

A nurse has to deal with a lot of patients at a time.  He/ She work for long hours and have to stand up as well as move in the hospital. Long hours of standing as well as moving put a lot of strain on your feet but you have to continue to cater to the needs of every patient. It is important to take care of you and your feet because if you are healthy, only then can you help other patients recover. If you think your feet will stay healthy and supported with old sneakers, then you are wrong, and you need to rethink this. It is important to find better footwear which supports your feet and helps you perform your duty better.

If you don’t find comfortable shoes, then you end up having health issues like a pain in your feet, ankle and even knees. Being a nurse and taking care of patients can be hectic and tiresome but finding appropriate footwear will definitely make a difference in your life, and it will help you perform your duties better. However, you need to know the qualities of good footwear and some of those qualities are given below.

Features of comfortable nursing shoes

Comfortable nursing shoes have the following features which make them the best choice for nurses.

  • You need to find shoes with best arch support and the reason behind it is the fact that your feet need to be adjusted against the arches even if you are standing all day. It will also have a positive effect on your feet while you are walking.
  • You should try to find shoes which are lightweight because you don’t want to drag around a heavy pair of shoes which will eventually cause a problem and you will have trouble walking. Lightweight shoes will also help you move around easily, quickly and your feet won’t feel fatigued either.
  • Try to find shoes which are made for walking on slippery floors. The reason is that you have to move quickly during your working hours and if your shoes do not support the slippery floor, you will fall. This can cause injuries and be problematic for you.
  • Whenever you buy shoes always find out about the posture you are in while you are wearing these shoes. The footwear which helps you maintain a good posture is the best one you can have.
  • Since you have to walk more or stay stood up for longer hours, your shoes must keep your feet cool so your feet don’t sweat.
  • Durability is also important because you don’t want to go shoe shopping every month.
  • Easy maintenance should also be kept in mind.
  • Be wary of the liquid spills on shoes and try to find the one which are resistible to liquid spills because, let’s face it, liquid spills can happen in hospitals.

Different Types of Nursing Shoes

There are many types of nursing shoes available; some of them are given below to help you narrow down your options.

  1. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes are the ultimate solution to every problem. These are really comfortable, and these are the type of shoes which can be the answer to every foot problem.

  1. Clogs

These are among the most popular design and these protect you from liquid pills and make it easy to move around.

  1. Slippers

Slippers are easy to take off and on while these are the best one to work in Operation Theater as no other footwear is allowed.

Best Brands to buy Nursing Shoes

Some of the most popular nursing brands which can be trusted for buying nursing shoes are Algeria, Merrell, and Dansko. You won’t be disappointed by the nursing shoe designs offered by these brands.


You might be doing fine in your daily shoes but if you try nursing shoes once then you will realize the difference in your feet’s comfort.