Nursing Burnout & How to Deal with It?

If you too are someone who has to take care of his/her professional life and at the same time are a parent, then stress and dealing with it on almost a daily basis might not sound something strange or new to you.

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that it is really hectic having to deal with the various things at work the entire day and then coming back home and take care of the kids, one forgets how resting feels like.

The most common thing which leads to a person suffering from stress is a heavy burden.

Have you ever given this a thought that stress too can lead to major problems in the future which cannot be ignored under any circumstances?

A good and already prevailing example of this is burnout. It is a rather known fact that nurses are more at the verge of falling victim to these medical conditions due to their routine and work life.

According to a study it has been reported and felt time and again that the job and job requirements of nurses are very much hectic. Nurses have to deal with more stress at work as compared to the other employees and workers.

Taking into account the working patterns of nurses one comes to know that the nurses are required to spend a lot of hours at work, getting through their work hours while having run from one place to another within the hospital putting various work requirements at rest.

At times of emergencies, nurses are seen under stress and dealing with multiple things at a time. Always in a rush at work.

In fact, at times, during one emergency nurses are required to deal with another one if it comes along the way, and it is seen that nurses do tend to deal with more than one emergencies at a time which leads to major stress and burnout situation.

While talking about this on the most general basis, it has been made clear that this is the type of situation which nurses have to deal with 6 days a week making it 12 hours a day.


What is Nursing Burnout?

In medical terms, burnout refers to that medical condition in which the respective person suffers from such a massive level of stress including physical as well as mental exhaustion that it further leads to that person not being able to function as he/she normally does.

This situation causes the person suffering from it to let loose of what they had originally intended on doing and is unable to focus on it anymore. The person tends to feel dull on an emotional level and can’t even do anything about it for the time being.

The person tends to feel detached from the real world.


What are the Reasons behind Nurses Suffering from this?


  • Having to confront death and illnesses:

One of the major issues which are attached to the job of a nurse is that the respective person has to deal with the patient’s fallen victim to various diseases as well as death. Therefore, this leads to the patient coming out and going through major emotional baggage, and most of the times this tends to leva a major impact on the nurses as well.

The pain and emotional suffering of the patient can make its way into the life of the nurse, causing a disturbance on a mental level, further leading to stress.

  • A stressful environment:

Being a nurse requires the respective person to deal with multiple things at one time; in simple words you always have a lot on your plate. If for one reason or another the nurse does get to rest for a minimum of 60 minutes, then this is pure luck and usually lasts for a very short span of time.

It will be after just a few more minutes that the entire day ahead the nurse will have major things and jobs piled up for completion. The emergencies in the hospital itself are extremely stressful for the nurses since as mentioned above as well at such a time the nurses are given all the running tasks, and are expected to perform all the given tasks in just about no time.

There is no denying of the fact that such a situation can come out to be extremely stressful for anyone, and so this leads to burnout.


  • Long days:

A survey was carried out according to which most of the nurses in various hospitals stated that the fact they have to spend long hours at work every day standing and working without taking any major break time.

The nurses tend to suffer from high levels of fatigue on a daily basis and still have to put up with all the work. The percentage of this is only increasing with every passing day.

While on the other hand there are some nurses who take up the option of working for more hours in a day and compensating those hours by reducing the number of days they serve in the hospital.

Although at first this options sounds like it will leave the nurses with some days in the week when they can rest, but it has actually been proven that this practice leads to the nurses suffering from fatigue and burn out much more quickly.




The above-mentioned piece of information shows how the work life and patterns of a nurse’s job tend to make the respective person suffer from major imbalances in the physical and mental setups.

Nurses have to keep up with a lot of things which lead to them suffering from burnouts at large.

Therefore, people need to understand the sensitivity of the moment and experts need to devise such ways which can bring about ease in the lives of nurses.

If you any queries with regard to the reason behind nurses suffering from burnout and what is exactly does it mean, then just skim through this piece of writing.