Learn How to Clean Walking Shoes the Right Way

Just like trainers, tennis shoes and workout shoes, walking shoes are also specially designed for people.

If you like going for long walks, then you need to have these shoes which not only comfort your feet but also support and cushion your feet, so they don’t hurt.

Walking shoes are also important because these shoes protect you from injuries and the harms of longer walks. However, you also need to take care of these shoes too because if these shoes wear out, it can also be dangerous for your feet.

You need to clean your walking shoes regularly to ensure the safety of your shoes and eventually the safety of your feet. Taking care of these shoes will not only increase the life of these shoes but also help your feet feel better.

The important steps for your shoes cleaning are given below; you can clean your walking shoes accurately by following these steps.

How to Clean Walking Shoes – A Pragmatic Guide

  1. Remove Dirt

It is important to get your shoes clean after a long day of walking you need to follow these steps to clean your shoes.

  1. If you have a busy day of walking, then your shoes will be all covered in dirt and mud so first of all, you need to remove all the dirt from your shoes because it can affect the overall performance of your shoes and also affect the durability of your walking shoes.
  2. If you find the dirt in grooves of your shoes’ sole, then it can loosen the grip of your foot which can be problematic for you and make long walks difficult for you. These trapped dust particles can also affect the breathability and waterproofing of your shoes.

iii.                If your shoes are washable, then you should give them a wash after heavy use. However, if these are not washable, then you should avoid raining and water as it can affect the durability of your shoes.

  1. Remove the laces if you want to clean the shoes completely because with laces it is difficult to reach the inner part of the shoes.
  2. Use Brush

If the mud does not come off easily, you can also use any object to scrape it off. You can use a soft brush to scrape the mud off of the shoes. The brush can also reach in tight spaces after removing footbeds and laces. However, you should be careful when it comes to using a brush because it must not be sharp enough to affect the upper of your shoes.

  1. Dry

Once you have cleaned your shoes properly and all the dirt has been removed, then you can dry your shoes. Always remember to dry your shoes naturally and don’t use artificial heating or fire to dry your walking shoes because it will harden the outer layer. Moreover, synthetic boots are also dangerous to put near fire. It is recommended to stuff your shoes with a dry newspaper which will absorb the moisture, and the inner of your walking shoes will get dry easily. Stuffing your shoes with newspaper is also important because it will maintain the shape of your shoes. You also need to change the moisture newspaper with a dry one, so it keeps the shoes dry.


  1. Conditioning your Shoes

After cleaning your shoes and removing dirt from all the grooves and spaces of the shoes you need to dry these shoes. Once you have dried your shoes up, you should apply a condition on the shoes. Most of the shoes have waterproofing, but it wears out with the passage of time, so you have to redo it once in a while. Waterproof treatment is also important to protect your shoes from the damage of getting wet. Conditioning is used for leather shoes and all other materials require waterproofing application. You leather shoes become protected from cracks if conditioning is applied regularly. Waterproofing agent makes it harder for moisture to enter the shoes which make it durable and supportive to walk. Breathability is also improved with the help of these waterproofing agents. It is crucial to look for your manufacturer’s recommendation about the type of conditioner and waterproofing agent before applying any product.

  1. Final Step

Once you have cleaned the outer portion of your shoes, now you can clean the inner side easily. It is natural to have bad odor in your shoes due to the sweat accumulation in the shoes and it can affect the longevity of your shoes. The easiest way to clean your shoes is to fill them with water (neither too cold not too hot) for at least 12 hours and then pour the water out and let your shoes dry naturally.

Your feet need care just like every other part of your body, and your shoes protect those feet, and that’s why you should take care of your shoes too.