Extra Large Knee Braces for the Obese

Extra Large Knee Braces for the obese

Body weight does not just affect your belly in terms of the size that increases, but in fact, every pound of body weight that you gain will put about five pounds of force on your knee joint, and this is not small. It, therefore, does not take a mathematician to tell how much your body weight will affect your knee joint and this certainly is bad news for people who are obese. Obese or overweight people will face difficulties with their knees and experience more knee related injuries because of the weakness. Their knees will also wear out and get weak faster than people who have controlled body weight.

One major problem with knee pain is that it makes it really difficult and almost at times impossible to play sports or do any other kind of exercise. Now, exercise is a most for people these days that tend to eat a lot of junk food, but for obese people, it is a must. However, since knew pain is a big hurdle in that process, there is a major need for something that controls and eliminates the pain. For this particular reason, we have the medical knee brace which manages knee pain and relaxes your joints to enable you to exercise and workout.

There are various reasons why people prefer to buy knee braces, following are the main reasons why they do so;

–          Heavy duty hinges

These knee braces have high quality and heavy duty hinges which keep your joint fixated and limits the range of motion in unwanted directions. These side to side movements can lead to a Lateral collateral ligament or even medial collateral Ligament tears which run up the sides of your joints. When your knee joints are stable, and in a good grip, they will less likely be exposed to major injuries like knee disc replacement or any other fracture.

–          Open Patella and Design

The knee brace is designed in a way that it has openings around your kneecap and the back of the knee so that you don’t face any trouble in running or walking smoothly. It improves your mobility and reduces the buildup of sweat. There will be no cloth or any other hard piece rubbing against your knee s you move, therefore making your movement really easy.

–          Lightweight and moisturize wicking material

The knee brace is of a lightweight material which means you can easily wear it and carry it along to wherever you travel. The brace is made from a latex-free material which prolongs the comfort that you have in it while wearing. The material allows your knee to breathe and not get wet with sweat. Clearly, it assures long wear and is easy to put up as well.

–          Wrap around design

The knee brace has been designed in a way that it makes it a matter of seconds to put it on and then take it off. The Velcro straps along with it, and durable and also can be easily adjusted as per your knee size.

–          It helps get rid of various issues

The knee brace is not just a belt or one of your extra accessories; it is something that will stay with you for a long time and give actual benefit. Apart from knee pain, it will help you get rid of;

1-      Ligament weakness

2-      Arthritic knees

3-      Knee Osteoarthritis

4-      Muscle weakness or any injury

These are all the medical terms given to knee pain, and if you have any of these, you should certainly go out and buy yourself a knee brace.


If, however, you are having trouble finding yourself a good knee brace and not being able to decide which one to buy, go over this guide. This guide has the top knee brace products in the market and a brief detail on it to help you buy one that best suits you.


  1. Plus Size 5XL Bariatric Knee Brace for obese by Brace Ability

This knee brace has been given a rating of 9.4 out of 10 which is pretty good. Before deciding to buy the knee brace, it is important that you measure your own size and then chose the one that best fits your size. In order to measure, you can use a flexible and soft tape. This knee brace is made of neoprene and has an open patella which means you will not face any issue of sweating and will be able to move freely in it. It also has a cutout behind it which will prevent your knee from bunching and therefore will make you walk real smooth. If you are overweight and are facing issues in your daily activities, then you should definitely go for this knee brace.


  1. The REAL BIGGEST Size Knee Pain Brace Support Special Design for Obese By Motion Infiniti. Inc-

This knee brace got a rating of 8.8 out of 10. Wearing this knee brace will help you get rid of knee pain, and it will improve your mobility making it easy for you to move from one place to another. It is suitable for people who generally have large legs and an unstable knee joint or injured knee. Moreover, people who tend to do sport regularly must also make use of this knee brace as it will work on their knee pains and also prevent future ones from occurring. It has unique double D rings with a hinged locking mechanism that provides superior stability. The gel Patella shield is comfortable to wear and is soothing as well for your kneecaps. The long adjustable straps make it a good fit for various leg sizes and fits from 22 to 24.


  1. Plus Size XXXXL Compression Knee Sleeve

This knee brace got a rating of 8.9 out of 10. It is a plus size knee sleeve which applies compression and warmth to your knee joint. This compression soothes your knee joint and reduces any pain or swelling which may be there. Common knee problems for which this may be used are patella, ligament issues, knee sprains, strains, injury recovery and knee arthritis.


  1. Obesity Knee Pain Brace for Overweight- 3XL

This knee brace got a rating of 9 out of 10. This product is suitable for men and women who are facing knee pain due to their weight issues. The brace is made from neoprene material which is lightweight and does not further build pressure on the leg. The material also prevents sweat from building up and therefore is comfortable to wear for long hours as well. The heavy-duty hinges provide lateral support which helps to stabilize the knee and maintains balance while you carry out your usual activities.


  1. Knee Brace for Obese people with Wide Thighs and Large Legs – Kneecap Protection 3XL by Brace Ability

The fifth knee brace in this guide got a rating of 9.3 out of 10. These knee braces come in extra-large size which makes it a good fit for people of different heights and size. It is suitable for both men and women who have bigger legs. The straps on top and bottom are adjustable which fit according to the knee size. It helps to treat knee injuries like patellar, runner’s knee, jumpers knee, Osgood Schlatter, patella tracking disorder, instability and many more.


All these knee braces are really easy to put up. All you have to do is open the knee wrap and the straps and place them at the back of your knee in a way that the brand logo should fall on the front side. After this, you have to fasten the Velcro first on your calf and then the remaining Velcro around your thigh. Make sure not to fasten it either too tight or too loose. Too tight will ultimately open when you bend your leg and too loose will obviously slip from your thigh. These knee braces can be worn almost all day long. People who suffer from constant knee pain should wear it throughout the day while others can wear it while carrying out their activities like sport or exercise. Nonetheless, you should always consult a doctor before wearing any such sort of compression knee brace for a prolonged period of time, since it can affect your blood circulation as well.

Make sure you check the size properly before purchasing the knee pain braces. You would have to measure the length and circumference of thigh and calf. Every model would come with its size measuring guide. Do measure the size properly according to the model you want to purchase.

Compression knee brace has made the lives of obese people comparatively easy in terms of combating knee pain. Still, however, people should always think about controlling their weight so that they don’t ever have to face any such issue. The knee pain braces mentioned above are the best. Choose and order the one that suits your needs now.

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