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Best Walking Shoe with Arch Support Reviewed

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Many people don’t realize that the feet absorb pressure of 200,000 to 300,000 for every mile they walk. Such pressure can be even higher depending on the amount of energy you are putting in.

Have you ever wondered where main feet problems for walkers and runners come from? It starts from the arches of your feet. This is because the arches suffer most of this weight. Lack of proper support for this area can result in fatal feet problems.

Walking or running is a beneficial activity for your health. For this reason, you need to have the best walking shoe with arch support that will support your weight.

You need sneakers that give you the necessary support. It is all about comfort, apart from preventing potential feet problems.

Finding the right shoes is however not very easy. There are a lot of shoes on the market from different manufacturers. Don’t worry, we have got you covered. The shoes reviewed below are the best on the market to handle your walking needs. These shoes will help you reduce feet problems and other injuries that come from walking.

7 Best Walking Shoes with Arch Support

Mizuna Wave Inspire 14

The Mizuna Wave Inspire 14 is one of the choices that will not disappoint. It is a great cushioned supportive shoe that will cover you in every activity.

The shoe has a supportive cushioning firm for different foot motion. Whether you have mild or overpronated motion, this shoe will not let you down.

The Double Fan Wave and an articulated U4icX heel wedge featuring in the shoes make them good for stability. A flexible plastic wave structure is included from the heel for cushioning and a springy walk. The U4icX is a feature that makes it lightweight, giving your foot a soft and downy feel. They are considered among the top sneakers for everyday training.

They are made with an improved mesh design that offers great breathing space. In addition, durability is combined with sturdiness to produce these flexible sneakers.

Even though Mizuno Wave appears more expensive compared to others we have reviewed here, they are a good value for your money. Many wearers consider them for this reason.


  • Great cushioning for every step
  • Great stability
  • It is light
  • It has great arch support for all-day comfort.


The shoes seem to have a snug heel cup. Apart from this, the toe box is a bit wider.

Konhill Walkers

Konhill Walker is a comfortable slip-on. It is simply an amazing choice for those who need extreme arch support. If you want value for your money from footwear, durability, comfort and flexibility should be at top of your list.

However, it is not made for heavy athletic activities. It is greater at the gym and other light workouts. They are mostly for light jogging, walking and casual occasions. It light weight makes it feel as though one is only wearing as sock.

The upper part is stitched finely to provide a long lasting effect and a unique look. It’s made flexible, soft and with comfort beyond restriction.

The shoes provide a good support for arches. Its sole is a bit thinner though, but just right for shock absorption and cushioning. The flexible and spongy feeling provided to the feet by the sole keeps one flexible and natural when on the move.


  • Great breathing space
  • Light
  • Great arch support with a durable sole.


  • They come in small sizes

Brooks Addiction

Low arches are most vulnerable to feet related problems. If you have such arches, you need shoes that support you effectively; you have that in Brooks Addiction Walker. The sneakers are made for maximum comfort and value for money.

Support for your feet is at the heart of these men leather sneakers. You feel like you are walking on soft grounds. The design provides excellent support from overpronation.

They support walking and balance for people with low arches. They also give great cushioning – from the stability structure of the sneaker.

There are people who are prone to overpronation. These are the proper shoes for the support you need. They reduce injury risks, guarding the wearer against medial tibial stress syndrome and pain in the knee.


  • Great support for people with low arches
  • An excellent choice for overpronation
  • They are loved by flat support wearers
  • They support the ankle and relieves pain


  • They are made with suede finish which get soiled easily
  • The weight is a bit on the high

These sneakers are perfect for your money.

Asics Walker

This is an updated gel-tech NEO 4 walker. They provide an upper fit, and a breathable mesh upper you will not find in any other shoes. A medial window in the sneakers is a perfect fit for maximum comfort.

The shoes are absolutely comfortable – with an additional sock liner. This gives it an anti-microbial protection feature.

Walk with stability in these sneakers made with DuoMax and Trusstic system technologies. Each step you take will make you feel like you can walk forever.

The rear and forefoot cushioning system give it an additional support feature. They come with gender specific midsole system for walking miles, cushioning walkers from stress for their feet. Walking is all about comfort and that is what you get from these world class sneakers that perform beyond expectation.


  • They are very light, giving you many miles of comfort walking.
  • Made with great cushioning for long walks
  • The upper is stretchy with good breathing space
  • Excellent arch support


  • These shoes wear off too soon and they come in small sizes.

The Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo is considered one of the top choices for male wearers. It is lightweight, durable and very stylish.

Saucony Omni

Available in both synthetic and leather materials, the Saucony Omni is engineered with asymmetrical sole for a great fit and comfort. The outsole is made with Walk Track that offers smooth transition. This is what makes them a great choice for those who love walking, jogging or running.

For those who are vulnerable to pronation, the shoes come with a compression molded EVA midsole. It has a higher durometer to help you get around with ease. You get a rebound for your foot and a great cushioning. This is what makes every step you take worth; you will not feel hard objects on your way. You will not even feel the pressures that come with stepping on hard ground.

The best part about these shoes the low cost compared to its quality. Many customers pick them based on this feature.


  • Rated high for maximum comfort
  • They are a great fit for any feet
  • Made with an excellent structure and stability feature
  • A good choice for those with low arches
  • Heel cushioning


The major disadvantage of Saucony Grid Omni is, they are not comfortable for neutral walkers.


If your focus when looking for excellent footwear is on arch support and comfort, look no further. The Vionic Kona has been found to be a great choice.

One of the biggest issues faced by many walkers is lack of traction on some surfaces. These shoes are made with a rubber sole to make sure you are safe with good traction.

When it comes to comfort, there is no denying the Vionic has it all. The rubber sole makes it smooth and springy on hard areas.

Even though the color choices for the shoes are limited, they are varied enough for any occasion. Whether for official or casual use, these are shoes that will not disappoint.

They have a breathable upper made with a synthetic fibre mesh. This mesh includes overlays and it is responsible for support, breathability and comfort. It is great for feet that sweat a lot.

The insole is padded. Even the tongue and the collar are all padded. This is what you will be looking for to ensure maximum comfort. You can wear these shoes all day without feeling tired. And the insole has arch support features that boost comfort.


  • It is durable
  • Efficient traction
  • Excellent arch support
  • Comes with orthotic insert


  • The sole of the Vionic Kona is less durable


Dankso is the real definition of fashion and comfort in footwear. It is among the most preferred choices for walkers. It offers excellent support for the arch area. The stabilizing shank in the sole adds to the number of cool features it has.

Many sneakers tend to have a short life and become overly smelly. But the Dankso is made with details to eliminate such things.

The stitching in the upper material brings out styling details. It is simply a cute shoe.

Most sneakers have suede end that is vulnerable to staining. You will not get that with Helen. The excellent suede and mesh upper part has 3M threading Scotch-guarding stain resistance. It remains cool as its beauty does not fade.

The polyurethane (PU) in the foot-bed gives it its durability and excellent cushioning. In addition, it features memory foam for conforming comfort in your foot.

You are here because you need shoes for with arch support – which the show stopper in this shoe will provide. You can even remove the foot-bed and insert your own insert.

Dankso costs the highest among the shoes mentioned here. But compare the price with the value you are getting and it will be worth it.


  • Excellent features: arch support, removable insole, elasticized laces, lightweight, and anti-microbial treatment should be enough for your consideration.
  • Easy to wear and remove


  • Possibility of squeaking soles


Walking Shoes with Arch Support – Buying Guide


Consider the following when buying:



Because you may be involved in high-impact activities, more cushioning is necessary. For those who have previous injuries consider this very serious. There is gel, foam and air cushioning to choose from.


A sneaker with proper grip is necessary for most grounds. Slipping and falling is easy if there is no traction. You get unnecessary injuries from trying to adjust and readjust your weight. Find the best traction shoes for the weather conditions.


Consider how heavy the sneakers are. It makes a huge difference if you are walking a long distance. According to research, lighter shoes help keep your energy and speed when running or walking.

Some Frequently Asked Questions


What type of closure is preeminent for walking shoes?

The Velcro strap fastener and lace-up are most common. The choice depends on your preference. If you don’t like bending all the time to lace, then go for Velcro. It is easy on-off.

How accommodating should be a toe box in the shoe?

This depends on the activity the shoe is meant for. Factors that determine the amount of room include running or walking style, your foot shape and your foot size. The bottom line is, your toe needs breathing space. But consider comfort a well.

Do walking shoes stretch and adjust shape with usage?

Natural material will always stretch with wear. Sneakers with manmade synthetic material tend to last longer.

How long do these shoes last? And when is the best time to change the shoes?

The more you use your shoes, the less they last. In general, the ones mentioned here will last roughly a year or so depending on how you use them. As long as the insole and the traction are intact, you can still use the shoes.



How is your arch? Do you have flat feet with low arch? Is it middle range of high? The decision to choose the right walking shoes depends on this. People have varying heels and that is what makes the difference.

The bottom line is, the walking shoes you choose will have a great impact to your activity. Choosing the right one will also maintain and impact the health of your feet.

You don’t need to suffer pain and discomfort when there are so many choices. All the sneakers reviewed above have the best features to help you have easy workout in your life. They are selected for benefits and we hope you find the one right for you.

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