Best Supplements for Degenerative Disc Disease Reviewed

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Have you been complaining of consistent back pain? Then you might be living with degenerative disc disease. This is a common issue that faces a lot of people. Some may not even know they are suffering it until they visit a doctor and are surprised of the diagnosis.

But what is disc disease really? How does it occur and what do you need to reverse or relieve the pain? That is what we are going to find out in this guide.

You need the best supplements to face the issues that come with spinal disorders. So here is everything you need to know.

What is Degenerative Disc Disease?

This is a common question that many ask. It is only that very few really understand what it is and how to explain it. It is not just about back pain simple back issues. There is more to it than you might be aware of.

A simple explanation would be that it is a when the disc between the vertebrae of your back bone cause pain. In other words, the vertebra is always painful that you fail to perform your normal duties. It usually happens as we grow older.

Our discs begin to show wear and tear, failing to hold well in position. There are no special people prone to this disease. Anyone can be caught in it because the disc takes damage from the general use over the years. It is not always a must to feel pain.

The process may favor some people while others will start feeling pain in their spine. The disc is made up of soft inner core and a harder outer shell. The shell protects the core from damaging activities. It is this damage that causes the pain. Whenever it is in use, the friction and the pressure may cause great discomfort.

Can disc degenerative disease be reversed?  The simplest answer is no. The disc is a part of the vertebrae that cannot be replaced. Once damaged, you will have to live with it.

But that does not mean there is nothing you can do about the pain. With the right treatment and care, the systems can be greatly handled.

Sign and symptoms

There are a few symptoms that are most common. The first one is constant pain at somewhere in the back. The position of the pain depends on which disc is suffering. For instance, you could feel discomfort in the buttocks, upper thighs or in your lower back. Those will be the affected disc.

Sometimes the pain is sharp and nagging, coming and going. You may realize you feel every time you get up and move around. It become even more intolerable when sitting down, bending or twisting.

The arms and legs may also feel numb and tingly. Do not be too alarmed, a degenerative disease does not cause paralysis. Is that is a possibility (which very rare), a simple surgery can correct the issue so you never have to deal with paralysis.

The diagnosis may sound frightening. But the good news is, the disease does not cause death. It is a simple problem you can deal with.

There are many remedies in the market for this. Which one to choose is the challenge? Our list of best supplements for degenerative disc disease has everything you may need to feel better.

Best Supplements for Degenerative Disc Disease

1. Spine Revitalizer (neochondromine)

The spine is a very sensitive part of the body. It carries most weight and suffers a lot in terms carrying the body weight and maintaining balance. As time goes by, it begins to lose it strength. You need the Spine Revitizer to restore its power. Since degenerative disc disease is linked to a worn spin, this remedy will bring back the lost energy, so that you can feel young and strong again.

The first nutritional supplement

The Spine Revitilizer prides in the fact that it is the first nutritional supplement for revitalizing the spine in the world. It is the only product that contains focused spine nutrition of Neochondromine. This is a cutting edge nutrition that needed in your spine for stronger disc.

It is combined with other 12 top focused nutrients. This easily promotes the recovery and healing of the herniated or bulging discs.

A product you can trust

One of the things to note when looking for remedies to reduce disc pain is to consider the manufacturer. Human health is very sensitive and most importantly when the spine is involved.

The Spine Revitilizer is manufactured in the USA by a GMP certified facility. The facility is an award winning manufacturer which makes it top in what they do.

It is made with physician-formulated blend. This means, the product is focused on ensuring a great feeling in your spinal area.

Condition specific

This is where the Spine Revitilizer even gets better. It is specifically designed to handle the recovery and health of herniated discs. Its focus is purely on the spine. You will not find the remedy being recommended for multiple conditions.

It contains over 12 of the top spine focused nutrients. This makes it the best in all of them.

What we love most about this product it that it’s easy to take. You can take the supplement daily without feeling irritated. It does not make you feel bad in the mouth.

The only downside we have noticed is its price. The supplement is quite costly and runs out quickly if you take daily.

2. Glucosamine with Chondroitin Turmeric MSM Boswellia

This is another great product you may want to add to you cart. It has everything you need to handle spine related issues.

Vermason health

The Glucosamine Complex from Vermason Health is a complete remedy for joints. The product is focused on promoting joint health. It also helps relieve occasional stress placed on the joints during exercised or other physical activities. It has been noted that this stress is among the top causes for disc issues.

The unique formula in this supplement offers general support to the framework of healthy joints. If you are just looking for a supplement to promote joint ease and comfort, look no further. It is a combination of components vital to health cartilage, proper mobility and flexible movements. It is all you may need to create a stronger and healthier you.

Support to joint health

Glucosamine Chondroitin Turmeric and MSM come in a powerful mixture to support joint health. It offers the necessary support from the general function in these parts. In essence, it helps restore collage in the joints, hence improving mobility, flexibility and health in your body.  It contains:

  • Glucosamine which has immune-stimulating properties. This support heath cartilage and can alleviate joint stress.
  • Chondroitin which exist naturally in human body. it stimulates healthy cartilage in natural manner.
  • We all know turmeric supports the overall health. It complements a healthy and active lifestyle. It is one of the spices that help ease joint discomfort, among other benefits.
  • This is a compound that boosts immune function. It supports the development of tissues.

We like this product mostly because it is natural formula and safe to use. This is why most customers buy it too.

3. Sciatica Pain Relief Supplement

There is so much to disc disorder disease. Sometimes it is a result of other issues in your body. That is why you need a remedy that can handle a wider problem in the overall body system. Here is where the Sciaticare comes in handy. If you suffer from Sciatica, this is the remedy you want to be using in your home. It is a natural remedy manufactured with safety in mind.

For nerve relief

Did you know that nerve pain contributes to a larger percent of other discomforts in the body? This is a product that has been recommended but neurologists. It provides relief from pain and muscle weakness experienced in your lower back through the buttock down to your toes.


The Sciaticare Pain Supplement is a natural remedy. Each pill contains non-chemical nutrients that are powerful enough to support your lower lumber nerves. This is where discomfort of cramps and sharp pain originates from. It is therefore a great deal in every sense. The fact that it is natural means you should not expect any issues from it.

The ingredients have been researched on and found of provide a solution for Sciatica sufferers. One of the top ingredients is alpha lipoid acid that acts as an anti-oxidant. It is a great component that restores vitamin C and E in your body. In turn it prevents damage of certain types of cells.

This product is all about proper functioning of the nerves. It has a healthy dosage of magnesium to help regulate the biochemical reaction in your body.

Trusted brand by doctors

Many doctors trust the brand Vita Sciences because of their extensive researches and innovation. The ingredients are derived from natural sources and blended into the best remedy in the market.

We like this product mostly because it is convenient and has not side effects. It has been proven as a great source of comfort of disc related disorders.

4. DaVinci Laboratories Disc Discovery Tablets

DaVinci Laboratories is a trusted name in disc related issues. This is why the Disc-Discovery supplement features on our list. It is among the best solution for pains resulting from the spinal code. Their goal is to ensure people can live stressfully even when age comes knocking.

For more than 40 years, the laboratories have been making break-throughs in nutritional research. It is therefore a leader in the area, including product development and innovation in Vermont. Every product that comes out from the manufacturer is a unique blend of natural ingredients to improve human life.

A unique formulation

The disc-discovery is a combination of bovine tracheal cartilage and manganese. Together with these are other supporting nutrients for spinal support. The bovine tracheal cartilage is a wonderful ingredient known to contain two types of glycosaminoglycan, chondroitin-4 and 6-sulfates.

Natural ingredients

There is indeed strength in nature. The raw materials used in DaVinci products are natural. The aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle for consumers. This is why our recommendation extends to this particular product.


The two types of glycosaminoglycan provide the building block for nourishment and support of the spinal discs. This support extends to the surrounding connective tissues offering great relief to the spine.

The product is made specifically to handle spine issues. This is why is have been recommended by many experts in the medical field.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Disc Disease 

What is degenerative disc disease?

This is when you start feeling pain I the discs between your vertebrae. This is a condition that happens as you grow. In essence, the discs begin to show wear and tear because of frequent use.

Who can get degenerative disc disease?

This is not a condition you can say can get specific people. Just like age can catch up with everyone, so can the disc damage. General use over many years makes the parts loose. Some people may never feel pain though.

How can you tell if you have degenerative disc disease?

There are some symptoms that are easy to tell. The most basic ones include pain somewhere in the back, depending on which disc is facing issues. This pain can be sharp and nagging. Another symptom is numbness and tingling in arms and legs. But that may not lead to paralysis.

Can degenerative disc disease kill?

People ask this question because the diagnosis sounds frightening. But it should not scare you because you will not die from it.


It is unfortunate that degenerative disc disease cannot heal on its own. This is a part of the body that does not have a spare.

However with the right treatments, you will be feeling better in no time. The conventional methods include anti-inflammatory agents, physical therapy, steroids shots and surgery.  There are other natural remedies which include staying active, promote collagen product, healthy weight, proper diet, natural painkillers and cannabis oil.

The list of best supplements for degenerative disc diseases shared above is perhaps a more convenient approach. You can combine this with other natural practices to improve your general health.

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