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Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet 2019

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No matter you are a mature soccer player or an aspiring new player, you will find that soccer cleats are very critical at the time of playing soccer. Soccer is a game that forces the player’s body to undergo rigorous training that directly affects the feet. The players require a proper gear for this high-intensity game because he cannot achieve high performance without proper footwear. When you go for buying cleats, then you should consider the durability, comfortability, and quality of the shoes for wide feet. However, there are other things that you must consider while purchasing a specific cleats for wide feet players.

5 Best Soccer Cleats for Wide Feet Reviewed

Copa Mundial Boots

Copa Mundial Boots is the first option on our list that we have selected for players with wide feet because it has following features.

The upper material of the cleats is made up of leather that creates elastic force enabling the feet to move freely. The dual density outsole of the cleats creates comfort for the foot. The durability of the cleats helps in improving the overall performance of the player on the pitch. The die-EBA insole of the cleats is lightweight that makes it suitable and excellent on the ground. The Adidas design of the cleats looks very classical that creates a style as well as good look for the player.

The cleats are available in black and white color with cream and yellowish sole. The shoes are highly durable as there are many people who have used them for more than two years. The Kangroo leather of the shoes keeps it stretchable by half a size that means the person stays in comfort after wearing the shoes for a couple of times.

The threading can come off if the size you choose is smaller than your foot.


Adidas Gloro 16.1

People like a classic collection of Adidas more than the other types of cleats and Adidas Gloro 16.1 is one of the best cleats of this collection. Modern soccer player admires the cleats because of its following features.

It is made up of K-Leather upper that is suitable for players who have wide feet. The outsole of Adidas Gloro 16.1 is very effective for creating a good performance as it has a better shock absorption feature. It also creates the required comfort and enough stability for the feet. The cost of the cleats is not very high that creates easy for the common man to buy the product.
The Kangroo leather, rubber sole, authentic guarantee of the Adidas Gear and the molded design creates a high performance of players. The cushioning of the cleats is also comfortable and remains a good fit for the foot. They are the proven shoes that maintain stability and good firm in the fields of the ground.

The shoes absorb the shocks because of the K-leather and the outsole. The cleats are available in black, white and metallic silver color that creates ease for the person buying to choose his/her favorite option.

The stitching feature of the cleats is less efficient.


The Nike Premier

Nike never has disappointed the customer because every product is made using the current technology and techniques. The Nike Premier also has a number of features that you will admire.

It maintains the level of comfort during the game for the player and the player keep relying on the boots for consistent performance.  The leather upper of the boots properly covers the feet and keep on proving the flex required for the foot for performing in a better way. The lightweight TPU outsole of the boots and the insole board keeps providing smooth transactions during the game. It is the perfect pair of boots for wide feet as the material easily molds the feet according to the requirement of the game. The cost of the product is also fair than the other brand.

The latex sole, supple Kangroo leather with a combination of goat leather quarter helps in creating superior touch in the game. The players can feel a glove-like fit because of its low-profile cushioning. It maintains the natural shape of the foot because of the Molded PE Sock Liner.

It also has an insole that has an engineered performance with a very lightweight TPU plate that gives transactional flex to the feet providing more comfort and good traction on the pitches.

Not maintaining the shoes can result in additional cost of paying for the next pair.

Adidas Copa 17 Collection

Copa Mundial has reinvented the last version of shoes by using new technology that caters the need of today’s players. It has the features that prove that it is one of the best shoes in soccer cleats.

The shoes perform very well on different kinds of pitches that enables the player to not to restrict the game on one surface. It is suitable for all kinds of feet sizes because the upper of the shoes is made up of soft Kangroo leather. The sock liner of Copa 17 and the compression tongue make it more comfortable and fit for the foot. It improves the performance of the foot because of the high-quality material.

The shoes provide optimal comfort because of the flexible plate. The conical studs of the cleats enhance the traction giving more flexibility to the feet to perform well. The shoes excellently give a good result on firm ground, and they are a great fit for players who have wide feet.

The cleats do not come in modern and flashy colors that do not attract the customers.


Puma Evopower 1.3 

All the customers of the company know that the company has excellently recognized the need of the customer and successfully produce the desired product such as Puma Evopower 1.3 that comes following features.

The boots come in two varieties; synthetic and leather that allows people to choose from their favorite option. The off-centered lacing system of the cleats proves a perfect fit for the feet.  The improved outsole of the shoes creates comfort for the foot to kick the ball and run on the ground. The foot can easily bend without any limitation. The cleats are suitable for all kinds of weather conditions because of the optimal penetration of the shoes. It increases the connection between the kicking velocity of the feet and the accuracy that creates more fun during the game.

The stretchable adaptable material on the upper side and the outsole technology helps I barefoot kicking motion of the feet. The player delivers the performance with optimum energy. It creates the right fashionable look of the sport-lifestyle because of its revolutionary design.

Not selecting the right size can create a problem for the player afterward.


Different Types of Cleats for Wide Feet

You need to know that there are different types of cleats and you must choose the one that can provide you full support during the game. There are some cleats that give better performance than the other types. It is the reason; you must select the option that suits you as the design complements your moves and training. You need elasticity before playing the game, so select the shoes that are made of leather as they comfort the wide feet.


The material of the Shoes

Most of the regular shows are made up of synthetic material, but experts recommend to buy the cleats that are made of leather. Leather easily molds the foot and creates comfort that helps in optimization of performance in the play. Consider comfort as the primary and most important element while choosing the cleats. Select the one pair that fits you in a proper way because it will keep you away from accidents.


Size of the Shoes

Buying cleats of different brands is not at all a good option because you can find different models but selecting the right size is the real challenge. You may buy the wrong size on the store in a hurry and then regret about the selection in the field. Do intensive research about the size of the shoes before buying it because there are some of the companies who do not return the cleats once the customer has bought them. You can also read the review about the size of the cleats for a better understanding of the company and the product. You can choose any of the high-tops, mid-cuts, or low-cuts depending on the size of your feet.



Today’s market is filled with soccer cleats offered by different brands. A person’s preference can change with time, but there are industries that keep analyzing the fluctuating preferences of people. It is very important to consider the width of your feet before selecting soccer cleats for wide feet because it will have a direct impact on your performance and comfort level. We have provided you detailed information about the products available in the market, and now it is upon you to select the best one for yourself. There are chances that you come through a number of cleats before selecting the perfect pair of shoes. You can check the performance of the cleats by experimenting on different filed for seeing whether the specific pair suits you or not.

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