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Best Shoes to Wear After a Broken Ankle Reviewed

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If you are an athlete, or love to engage in running, walking, jogging, or any such activities, then you understand foot injuries. You may have experienced it once or twice already. Any type of foot injury leading to a surgery can be a devastating and requires proper care & attention.

Thus the getting back to normal process is vital. The right footwear after a broken ankle surgery can offer speedy recovery. The shoe must support your leg effectively, providing you comfort beyond measure.

Our list of the best shoes to wear after a broken ankle can help you regain mobility like before & offer fast healing. We have  carefully selected the footwear so you can choose with ease.

3 Best Shoes to Wear after a Broken Ankle

Medifone Health Design Classic

The Health design Classic is a great addition to the post-operative shoe industry. They contain all the requirements for after-operation shoes. Medifone has been known for long in the industry for making reliable quality shoes. This one proves the extent they can go to provide you comfort – despite the simplicity.

The design of the shoes is basic, but functional. Sometimes surgery only requires something simple. It has dual straps that positions your foot perfectly with the overlapping material of the shoe. There is no room for movement. The higher heel marker allows the heel to settle in place while ensuring a normal flow of the design.

You get a moderate rigidity fir an even step.  The sole is slightly thicker for more comfort during recovery. They are not very expensive if you consider your ankle may be swollen.


  • It effective as it is affordable
  • Comfortable and great for large feet
  • You can adjust the straps


  • There seem to be a problem with sizing.


After an operation, you will need shoes that will accommodate the bulky dressing or cast. FLA C3 has enough room for this. The moisture-wicking liner helps keep sweat away. It has an anti-microbial inner to keep your feet safe at all times. Therefore, a healthy foot environment is ensure – all you need after surgery when your foot is still delicate.

The straps on the shoes are adjustable. They can accommodate any size bulky dressing. Because they are Velcro, no need to straggle around with lacing. This makes post-op life much easier.

The inner comfort is achieved using the foam material inside. In addition, there is an antimicrobial material to ensure a healthy foot environment. You can be sure of safety of your feet during the recovery process.

The best part is cost effectiveness. You get the value of your money with this shoe built specifically for post-op. The price represents only one shoe though: they are not sold in pair. Post-op recovery is all about how comfortable your foot is, and this is why this shoe is perfect.


The traps are adjustable to accommodate any bulky dressing or straps

Form inner and microbial protection for extra comfort and safety

The inner is moisture-wicking


  • They are not sold in pair

Darco Slimline

If you have gone through a surgery involving heavy bandaging, here is a shoe you can count on. It handles all levels of castings to protect your foot well.  The calf is lifted higher to provide all-round stability. It is simple the right shoe for comfort and support.

It is a boot designed to use immediately after surgery. This is why it has an overall larger design. The idea is to accommodate larger dressings, compression wear; fiberglass casts as well as lightweight glass during the early stages. You can walk freely in them.

The shoe is specifically designed to hold the casted foot in place. It offers a great forefoot-to-ankle support. It has a strapless forefoot closure system than can be easily adjusted to accommodate whatever is added to your foot. It can be switched from left to right according to your needs.

The centre strap is made with wide elastic material. It secures the neck of your ankle effectively setting the foot in place.

This shoe is fairly priced compared to other shoes on this list. If you are looking for something more stable and secure, this is the item you should be looking for.


  • Full support for any foot
  • Velcro closure and bulky bandage friendly
  • EVA sole


  • It is a bit heavy


Essential Shoes to Wear After a Broken Ankle – Buying Guide



You may have noticed that post-ops shoes do not care about fashion. They purely for function. This is why the construction material used in each shoe is a very important consideration.

Look for something that is weather resistant and easy to clean up if that is what you want. Surprisingly, you may also find post-op shoes made with fashion but it is not very common. Consider the soft and subtle feel your foot needs.

Ease of Use & Support

Many people overlook support in post-op shoes. Some only concentrate on the rocker features forgetting that every detail is important for the recovery process.

A well-bandaged foot will require a continued level of support for the muscles to get back into foam. Consider high-sided, wide Velcro strapped shoes that provide ease of use as well as support.


The shoe must have best features, offering stability and comfort throughout the recovery process. The recovery period may not be too long, but you still need shoes that can last. Most post-op shoes will wear down with continues use, and that is a fact you must face. High quality shoes may last longer though.


The surgery process is only the beginning of the healing process. The real healing takes place after the operation. Every activity you engage in and everything you use determines how fast you get well.

The kind of shoes you wear matters a lot. Getting the most appropriate shoes to wear after a broken ankle can be tedious. The shoes mentioned above and the buying guide should provide you an easy way out. You should not put your feet exposed to more danger if you are expecting to get back into action soon.

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