Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

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Are you planning for a hiking adventure in Europe? Or do you just love walking around while getting the best view of everything you come across? In that case, you will need to get the right shoes.

One of the biggest challenges many travelers face in Europe and many other parts of the world is cobblestone streets. While strolling through the authentic landscapes, you will not fail to notice the great old buildings, narrow alleys and much more great scenery. One pitfall you will not escape is the cobblestone streets.

No one can deny that cobblestones are great to look at. But they are not easy to walk on as they can make your feet sore with great discomfort. In some cities, the streets are also hilly, uneven and slippery when wet.  Pair this with miles of walking and you will witness the longest day ever.

It is important that you get the right shoes. One of the biggest mistakes most people do is choosing any type of footwear, hoping it will serve them. They only end up screaming at the end of the day. Well, it doesn’t have to come that far.

Our list of best shoes for walking on cobblestones is here. You don’t need to go through the rough experience when you can actually enjoy walking on and feeling the stones. This should help you have the best time of your life ever.

 6 Best Shoes for Walking on Cobblestones

1. Propet Women’s Travelactiv Fashion Sneaker

One of the reasons Propet is a trusted manufacturer is that they care a lot about consumer comfort. All they do is couple it every product with great fit and design. Their aim is to ensure you can have the best out of you countless daily activities.

The Women’s Travelactiv Fashion Sneaker is a product that proofs the heights of the company. It is made with innovative outsole design engineered with top-quality design. The material is tested and enhanced with extra-cushioning insoles for stability and support.

You will not feel the pressure of walking on cobblestones as the rubber sole cushions you properly. The upper is constructed to offer the perfect fit, giving your great look and performance.

If you don’t like lacing up, then this is not the shoe for you.

2. Clarks Men’s Cottrell Walk Oxford

For over 100 years now, Clarks has been offering very fine dress shoes for men. They have focused their energy on offering the best shoes for a variety of styles.

Since the best consideration for walking on cobblestones is comfort, the Clarks Men’s Cottrell Walk Oxford, has made it on our list. The shoes are made with 100% breathable leather to offer strength and durability. They come with a synthetic, non-marking sole that will make feel like you are stepping on a spongy ground.

With a orthotic footbed, you can use any insole you prefer. The only thing that may perhaps make someone not to consider Clarks is the price.

3. Clarks Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat

The soft feet of a woman require shoes that provide nothing less that great comfort. In that, Clarks offer 100% satisfaction. The Clarks Women’s Sillian Bella Mary Jane Flat is a true definition of style and comfort.

Made with 100% textile and a rubber sole, these shoes have prove to offer great support and comfort on the rough ground. This enhances durability while giving you great feel on the ground.

It comes with cloud stepper, cushion soft, Ortholite footbed and 1.35 heel height. That is all that defines comfort in such an environment. In addition, the orthotic footbed allows you add an orthotic you desire.

They run small at the toe space though.

4. Brooks Men’s Ghost 10

Talk of smooth ride and comfort, the Brooks Men’s Ghost 10 are the shoes you can trust. Walking on cobblestones can make feel like you have severe feet issues. You need proper shoes that care for your feet while giving you the ride you need.

These shoes are designed to assist those with Plantars fasciitis and similar issues. And if you are a heel striker, here is still the shoe for you.

Most people who have worn these shoes describe them as the most comfortable sneakers. The fit and stability they offer is nothing you will find anywhere else.

One downside may be the price. But if you consider great comfort vs. price, it is worth your investment.

5. NAOT Footwear Women’s Kayla Sandal

The Kayla, a three-strap sandal that has been reviewed by a lot of people, and it is easy to see why. The sandals are designed with a hook and strap at the instep and an added backstrap for maximum stability and support.

At the footbed, you will find the NEOT anatomic and latex construction wrapped in pampering suede. This gives it the features to mold to the shape of your feet.

They are lightweight with proper arch support an shock absorbing features. You will surely love the flexibility and comfort of these shoes even on uneven grounds.

Perhaps the only thing that can make you look the other way is the price.

6. KEEN Women’s Terratora Waterproof hiking shoe

We could not complete this list without the KEEN Women’s Terratora Waterproof Hiking Shoes. These are footwear made specifically for hiking.

The synthetic sole provide proper cushioning on the rough ground while the metatomical EVA footbed allows for great insole comfort. It is made with dual density PU footbed for maximum conformity. The non-marking rubber sole is both durable and spongy.

And to make it even better, it has a breathable upper. You can walk for miles on the cobblestones without feeling tired, not comfortable in your feet.

Unless price scares you, this is a shoe we highly recommend.


Every shoes we have reviewed here have been carefully selected based on how comfort. It is only when you have such shoes that you can have easy and comfortable time walking on cobble stones.

When buying shoes for such activities, consider comfort and arch support as the top features. We understand how this is important and that is why we featured these factors in our list of best shoes for walking on cobblestones.

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