Best Shoes for Shot Put Throw

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Shotput is a very exciting game. The players compete throwing a heavy round ball. You need to throw it as far as possible. The one who does the longest throw wins the game in overall rounds.

Just like any other throwing game, shotput requires great stability. You need to have you feet holding steadily in the ground to achieve the best throw.

In that case, what you need is the best shoes for shotput throw. Not just any type of show will be fit for you. It is important to get the ground stamina.

6 Best Shoes for Shot Put

1. ASICS Men’s Cyber Throw London-M

ASICS is one of the brands that are trending in the sporting industry. It is a brand you can trust to offer the best deals in sporting shoes.

And if you are an expert in shotput, then you should find the Cyber Throw London-M quite appealing. They are made with 100% synthetic material that is highly breathable.

The solid rubber sole offers great grip with enhanced durability an traction. The centrifugal Flex groove gives it a great design and overall performance. It is designed with hook and loop fastener for easy on off.

Adidas Women’s Adizero Shotput Running Shoe

More and more women are joining the throwing games. Adidas has realized this, creating shoes that offer great support.

The Adidas Women’s Adizero Shotput running shoe is generally a great sporting choice. They are built with a rubber sole that grip and hold the ring for great rotation.

The shaft measures about low top from the arch, which is great for arch support. You can turn and throw as far as you want without feeling the strain in your arch area.

They are manufactured by a trusted company. Adidas has been on the market for a long time now.

One of the downsides of this shoe is the price.

ASICs Men’s Throw Pro Track Shoe

This is a true secret weapon to break any throwing record.  The Asics Throw Pro track shoes are designed to offer great comfort and support. There have been great adjustments to the sole geometry and rubber compound. Now you can turn on the soles much easier.

It is 100% synthetic and textile, offering great breathability. The runner sole offer the grip every thrower needs to push the ball far.

It has a lace entry design with Faux leather upper an a Rhynoskin. The SpEVA midsole is unique feature that makes it comfortable and supportive.

It is quite costly though.

Adidas Hammer Throwing Shoes Unisex Throwstar

Everyone in the sporting community know Adidas and what they can do. And here is another one from the company – the Adidas Hammer Throwing Shoes.

They are designed to be worn in any track games. It has a strong synthetic upper that makes it perfect for throwing as it keeps your foot stable. There is also the soft collar around the ankle that reduces ankle pressure.

The shoes hold on your feet perfectly, taking you through all stages of the throwing events. You get great midfoot support from the Achilles strap band on the shoes.

The outsole is made with carbon crepe rubber that provides durability and stability. It is among the most recommended footwear for the event.

Saucony Unleash SD 2 Unisex

Saucony produces great footwear for the sporting community. The Saucony Unleash SD 2 is a great example of what the company can do.

If you are looking to go farther, faster and stronger, the shoes can get you there. They are specifically designed for throwing events.

This new model features the isoft technology. With it comes improved overall fit and fee. It gives you the power to take your throws to the next level as each effort is echoed.

They have a great overdesign. Perhaps the price could be the only thing to throw you off.

VS Athletics Power Throw

The VS Athletics Power Throw are designed for durability. They can endure the pressure of gliding and spinning, offering economical throw.

They are manufacture with synthetic fibre, offering great breathability even in the most extreme conditions. The smooth durable outsole provides a great balance of grip and speed.

The cross brace strap made from heavy-duty material is a great support. It holds the shoes tightly in place. This is enhanced with an increased outsole in the toe area, ensuring protection in the ring.

Get a pair if these shoes and you will have a great time in the field. Many users have highly recommended them.

The only shortcoming is that are not designed for small feet.

Shoes for Shot Put – Buying Guide

There are plenty of throwing shoes in the market today. Sometime it even become overwhelming to choose the right one, Shotput requires different stress on your feet than any other throwing game. And choosing the right shoes becomes the ultimate way to bring your performance to maximum.

Consider speed vs. grip. What does shotput really require? It is grip and stability. In order to push the ball forward, you need to stand in such a position that pushes your whole weight forward with the ball without moving you body. It is necessary to have shoes that hold you in position.

Your experience and technique should help you pick your fit as well. The shoes a beginner will pick cannot be compared to what an expert will go for.

Are the shoes comfortable enough? Comfort depends on an individual. Only you can tell how your feet feel inside the shoe. Do not just borrow and do what your friends have done.

After that, you can then check out the price.  In most cases the price does not even matter once the features proved useful.


There are many factors that determine the best throwing shoes. We have considered all of them in our list of best shoes for shotput throw.

Take your time to pick the right shoes without depending on your friend. It is important that you feel comfortable and have the power to see you through different levels.

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