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Best Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture Reviewed

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Sesamoids are tiny bones under the 1st Metatarsal head at the bottom of the foot. They are among the 28 bones in the human foot. They are not more than a chickpea in size and are two in each foot.

There work is to allow easy gliding of the Flexor Hallucis Brevis Tendon over the 1st Metatarsal. It is responsible for the efficiency of the tendon, serving as the fulcrum. It creates something like a pulley system essential for the toe. The tendon can work for long without tiring if this bone is good.

Sesamoiditis is a condition that affects sesamoids. It can be caused by a high impact activity, shoe gear and genetics among others.

One of the prevention methods includes wearing the right shoes. It is the key to avoiding it. But if you are diagnosed with sesamoiditis, you need the best shoes for sesamoid fracture to assist in recovery. We have listed 3 best shoes to handle the inflammation and pain in the bone.

3 Best Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture

Vibran Evos

The best feature in this barefoot cross trainer is that it has a zero heel to toe drop. It also does not feature much cushioning. Therefore, any orthotics you may want to add to your list for making this shoes proper footwear will work.

If you notice the sesamoids pain is just starting, this is the shoe you want have. It will alleviate the pain before it becomes worse. It offers the ideal combination of ground feedback and feet protection.

There sneakers are created with great grip and flexibility. You will experience wonderful terrain with a thin sole, less than 5 mm that encourages food form.


  • The shoe is made with polyester fabric that makes the feet feel cool for a long time.
  • The rubbers sole provides just enough cushioning
  • The tongue is lightly padded.
  • Speed lacing system care
  • Zero drop
  • You can wash with your machine


  • This shoe is not right for advanced stages of sesamoiditis


Orthofeet are specifically designed for pain relieve from plantar fasciitis sprint, sesamoiditis and other foot problems. They are the number sneakers recommended for any feet issues and will provide services beyond expectation.


  • They come with a wide toe box to give your toes breathing space. They also have excellent orthotic insoles made of antimicrobial fabric and foam. You have no reason to worry about support and cushioning.
  • It has mesh upper that keeps the feet dry and comfortable at all times. Air circulates seamlessly through the shoe leaving your feet dry and the sneakers free from humidity.
  • The tie-less system is perfect for those who don’t like to lace their shoes always. Instead, it has Velcro straps.
  • The Velcro straps provide good molding and a nice grip to the heel. The foot gets good support allowing the wearer to walk in a proper manner.
  • You have any specific orthotic insoles you want to use. These sneakers have an orthotic friendly design to accommodate this. The insoles are made with antimicrobial fabric and foam. This offer unlimited arch support, cushioning and heel pain relief.
  • The outsole has an ortho-cushion system that makes one feel like they are stepping on springs.


The only downside of the sneakers is that they tend to be a bit heavy and run small.

Merrell Trail

The Merrell Trail provides a barefoot feel by allowing your feet to fall flat when you run. These are great sneakers meant for those who run. If you are new to barefoot running, these shoes will prove the cushioning you need.

They feature zero drop properties to allow smooth functioning of your feet. This is important for those who are vulnerable to feet injuries.

The mesh upper is breathable enough and hugs your feet effectively as you walk. It allows air to circulate effectively, protecting your feet from sweat that may cause injuries. It upper mesh has anti-microbial properties to keep your feet cool and fresh.

If you love to be seen on the streets, the reflective details on these sneakers will give you that. They are perfect for sesamoiditis as they are comfortable.


  • They are 100% synthetic. This means durability.
  • Made with a vibram sole
  • Have an M select fresh odor control-treated mesh lining
  • Extra toe and heel cushion


Some customers have found them heavy.


Shoes for Sesamoid Fracture – Buying Guide


Consider the following:

Arch type and support: If you have high arches, you are a bigger risk for developing sesamoid. Choose shoes with built-in high arches. Every arch type has different support needs.

Wide toe box: The shoes should allow the foot to spread, reducing pressure from the forefoot. This will save you from a lot of pain.

Cushioning & shock absorption: Even if you ignore all other factors, give foot cushioning priority. Such shoes absorb the impact when the ball in your feet lands on the ground.


Some Frequently Asked Questions


What are sesamoids?

These are tiny bones located in the ball of the foot. They are located behind the big toe and helps it move normally when you walk or run. They also bear the weight placed on the foot during such activities.

What are the main causes & remedies of sesamoid fracture?

High level of pressure is the most common causes. A lot of pressure is placed on the ball of the feet during high energy sports like football. People with high arches are also vulnerable.

Main remedies include proper footwear.

Can we wear insoles for further protection?

Wearing insoles is another great way of protecting your feet from sesamoiditis. Consider orthotic insole to improve cushioning.




High intensity activities like running, football, basketball, tennis, ballet and similar activities can leave you vulnerable to sesamoiditis. But with the correct choices of footwear, you can avoid such an experience and enjoy what you love doing.

It is important that your footwear has a good shock absorber. Then, it will protect the ball of your foot from shear forces and pressure.

The shoes reviewed above have the best features for sesamoiditis. Whether you are recovering from it or you are simply seeking protection, they will deliver.

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