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Best Shoes for Sciatica Sufferers Reviewed

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Sciatica is a term used to describe symptoms of leg pain. It could possibly be tingling, numbness or weakness origination in the lower back, through buttock. The pain can be felt flowing down through the large sciatica nerve in the back of each leg.

While there may not be permanent damage, it is important to control the pain altogether. Therapy includes, strengthening exercises, stretching exercises, low-impact aerobic exercise and the right footwear.

Our list of the best shoes for sciatica sufferers can help you reduce this chronic leg pain issue so you can perform everyday chores like walking, sitting, standing up and can also workout regularly. They can help in the healing process.

3 Best Shoes for Sciatica Sufferers

Merrell Encore Gust

Merrell is a popular brand on the footwear market. They have been manufacturing high quality shoes for over three decades now. They pride in the value for comfort, durability, design and versatility they provide.

Anyone looking for great outdoor shoes will not miss something from Merrell. And the Encore Gust is a good example. It is one of the best selling footwear that have all you need for back pain relief. It offers great support proper alignment and the perfect stability.

This slide will take your walking to a new level. The quality, full-grain leather flex, well cushioned soles will give you and all day support. If you need a sharp casual style and easy going outfit, these are certainly the shoes for you.

The upper is dressed with a smooth leather to make you look sharp without getting sloppy. It has an anatomical footbed that provides comfort for every step you take.


  • Easy slip-on
  • 100% full grain leather
  • Made with M-select grip sole
  • Air cushion in the heel
  • Breathable mesh lining


  • Sometimes unreliable fit

Crocs Classic Clog

A comforting 360 degrees design in Crocs clogs makes it perfect for everyday walking. The midsole are uniquely designed with Croslite material that provides perfect cushioning and support.  With this, you can stay away from back irritation.

There is a closed-cell foam resin that provides great rebound and cushion. It is light enough, offering bouncy foot feel. The deep cushioning in the shoes provides a superior arch support. And the memory foam inside is all you need for an all day comfort.

Clogs come with a roomier design and lightweight wearibilty. This feature makes it one of the most comfortable styles on the market. They are resistant to odor. They are easy to clean and dry fast and a perfect choice for anyone with back issues.

These lighthearted shoes are available in over 20 color variations. They are therefore easy to match with any style you want for the day.


  • 100% Croslite midsole
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable with ventilation ports.
  • Pivoting heel straps


  • The fitting is very wide

Asics Gel-Contend

If you are a veteran in footwear, you must know Asics. This is a brand notorious for high-quality footwear. They put into consideration wearers who suffer from lower back pain.

Gel Condend is one of the best products from this brand. They are all comfortable with pain relieving features. They have a rear foot get cushioning system that absorbs shock waves with each step you take.

They have a sock lining, important for accommodating orthotic inserts while providing more support. This feature is also responsible for wicking moisture away from the skin. This prevents the buildup of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. Your feet will remain cool, dry and in a healthy environment.

The rubber sole provides a steady grip on any surface. Say goodbye to accidental slips and falls.

You can pick from nearly 20 color styles to match your wardrobe. They are simple the best choice for alleviating back pain.


  • Comes with 100% synthetic material
  • Rubber sole
  • Rear foot Gel cushioning system
  • A great shock absorber
  • Removable sockliner – allow room for orthotic fitting
  • The sockliner is comfortable and dry keeping your feet in a clean environment.


  • The narrow toe box can be a problem for some people


Essential Shoes for Sciatica Sufferers – Buying Guide


Consider the following when buying:


Shock Absorption

One of the most common causes for back pain is the sock that results from the ball of the foot hitting the ground.  Shock absorption will lessen the kinetic energy that travels through the body from every step.

Consider shoes made with foam and EVA material. They are excellent in handling the impact. A shoe should have proper design to handle these waves from each footfall.  This is the most important factor for shoes designed to lessen back pain.


Comfort, cushioning, arch support and shock absorption are the three characteristics of an effective shoe for sciatica pain. If your shoe does not have these elements, it will not be much of a help for you.  The shoes on this list all have these features and you can be sure to get the best from them.


The arch area needs adequate support to avoid arch collapsing and similar painful conditions. Any small discomfort in the area will sooner or later result in strain and pressure at the lower back, hips and legs. This will make sciatica symptoms even worse. The shoes mentioned above offer the necessary support for your feet, ensuring a good environment.

A support shoe should have some rigidity in the sole. The heel should be about ½” to 1”higher in rear that front. This ensures proper distribution of pressure.



Getting the best shoes for sciatica sufferers can help occasional pains to regular chronic foot pain. Sciatica can be triggered by improper shoe selection as well. This means it is important for you to take your time in selecting the shoes. Even if you don’t have the condition yet, it can start from wearing wrong shoes.

The shoes reviewed above have been carefully selected based on what they can provide and customer experience. They are designed to alleviate pain that originates from the foot.  One things common in all of them is effectiveness.

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