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Best Shoes for OrangeTheory Reviewed

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Orange Theory Fitness (OTT), is a full body workout that takes only one hour. The workout focuses on training endurance, strength and power. The heart rate interval is used because it burns more calories than any other exercise.

One has to wear an exclusive OT beat rate monitor which displays the results on a large screen in the studio. The workout is effective in all levels since the intensity is based on the heart rate zone of each one. It is incorporated with Heart Rate Based High-Intensity Training (HIIT), to make the results even more appealing.

For better results, you will need the best workout gear to work with, especially the right footwear. Our list of the best shoes for OrangeTheory routine can help running enthusiast in achieving their goals and stay away from injuries.

7 Best Shoes for OrangeTheory Workouts

New Balance MX623v4

New Balance is a company that has many decades of experience in manufacturing high standards and integrity shoes. The shoes are associated with long-lasting, for miles and can endure many activities. The company was built from the ground all the way up.

The MX623v4 are a good example of what they can do. We have put them on top of this list based on how comfortable they. They offer great performance and durability. They offer great support in every place and are made to reduce possible injuries. Some parts of the shoes are leather, strategically placed with vent holes for proper air flow.

They are made with Quix flexible technology that improves grip and traction. They give the wearer great ability to perform lateral cutting movements. They offer a great transition through every move.

They combine form cushioning and compression resulting in a soft shoe for well-cushioned feet. This is what you need to protect your feet, ankles, legs, and knees.

It is even more surprising how much the shoes cost. They come at a great price, lower than most in the same category. They will give you the value of your money.


  • The upper is suede
  • EVA midsole
  • Non-marking outsole
  • The collar and tongue are well padded
  • Great on shock absorption


  • Suede can stain pretty fast
  • They run a bit low on the toe box

Asics Tri 11

The weight of your shoes will make your time at the Orange Zone more fruitful. You need shoes that are lightweight and super responsive – everything you get from Asics shoes. The technology in the shoes is well incorporated to help in the proper landing of your feet. One of the biggest threats to parts of your feet vulnerable to damage is improper landing.

The shoes are made with a mesh upper which encourages great breathability. You can be sure of the safety of your foot at you go through the routine. You can wear the shoe the whole day and still not feel tired.

While other shoes use EVA midsole, the Asics Tri 11 is made with an upgraded version – Solyte Midsole. The technology is only used by Asics. It is focused on great support through stability and proper cushioning. You have a chance to pursue your fitness goals without feeling the heat.

The combination of organic and non-organic elements in the outsole gives the shoe a great design. It is made with Wet-Grip technology to give the shoes best traction on any surface. Wet surfaces can be very intimidating, but these shoes have got you covered.


  • The laces are sporty
  • Total foot cushioning with advanced support
  • It gives high stability and good air flow to the wearer


  • There is a possibility of separation in the sole

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18

These stability shoes are the newest version of Adrenaline GTS. If you are prone to overpronation, these are the footwear you should be looking for. But that is not all; they are also great for OTF. They come with high energy cushioning that will help you through the moves. The mesh upper offers great breathability throughout the training. It helps you stay cool and dry, keeping your feet in a clean environment.

At the midfoot of the Adrenaline GTS 18 is an adjustable and asymmetrical saddle. This will give you stable security. It is packed with a Progressive Diagonal roll bar feature that helps to reduce overpronation. It is also vital for a smooth gait cycle transition. The shoes come with a stability design that will give you great performance.

The shoes are made for comfort. They have a large amount of cushioning for high-intensity workouts. It enables the wearer to land softly with each movement. The shoes’ collars and tongue have proper padding to give you a plush fee while the insole is cushioned with Brooks BioMoGo DNA. The Crash Pad is segmented, and the outsole is made with Flextra rubber for more support and responsiveness.


  • Diagonal roll bar
  • Great cushion with BioMoGo DNA
  • Highly breathable


  • They are costly
  • They are not for endurance, not durable

Brooks Ravenna 9

Brooks is a great brand that is trusted in the athletic community. For many decades now, they have been producing high-end shoes designed with precision for athletic needs. Every product that comes up put emphasis on breathability and supreme comfort. The moisture managing materials discern them from other brands’. The Ravenna 9 is no different. Just like any other product, they have a heavily padded tongue and collar for extra comfort. Your ankle and foot are protected from chaffing against the material, which may cause discomfort.

The padding portion plays a big part in cushioning the foot. This is the landing portion that takes more pressure when the foot hits the ground. With this, the shoe is able to land evenly even with an off-gait step.

A portion of the sole is blown rubber which gives it high cushioning. The sole is also a mark of durability.

These shoes go at a great price point. They are from and trusted brand, which gives you great value for your investment.


  • Made with mesh upper
  • Rubber sole for support and durability
  • Segmented heel and moisture managing mesh


  • Possible sole separation

No Bull Training

As the name suggests, No Bull is a brand for athletes who go hard. It does not matter what the workout brings, these shoes will give you the power. Lifting, climbing, pushing and pulling, running and any other activity, you have it all. With its zero drops rugged sole, you have everything to perform however you need.

The breathable upper makes its flexibility and breathability even in hot workouts. They come with added support features combined with the lateral and medial sides. They are made to last long without possible wearing.

This is a new brand, developed for those who don’t want to stop at anything. They are the trainer style sneakers with the right support and cushioning. It has zero drop features for deadlifting and squat stability. In addition, the rugged sole is made with a multi-use lug pattern. This gives you traction when you move.

The upper is made with SuperFabric that is breathable, abrasion resistant, and durable and with a seamless design. On the flexible base layer of the mesh are guard plates that offer durability. They are great for rope climbing, scrapes, and dragging.


  • Lightweight
  • Great for OTF
  • Versatile with zero drop
  • The come with a sidewall carbon guard


  • They are a bit pricy and run small

Saucony Triumph ISO 5

If you have ever used Saucony products, then you can witness they always have the wearer in mind. Every shoe made involved high technology that is why they often rank high in quality. Here, the Triump comes with greater improved for each release. They are classic shoes that never fail to impress. The Everun technology in the shoes combines different portions of the shoe. The cushion system layout and the energy output are redesigned to increase durability. Breath-ability is at the heart of Saucony footwear.

ISOfit Technology gives the shoes great adaptability for your feet. It gives the shoe great conformity with your feet, as though you are wearing a sock. This increases your performance during the high-intensity training.

Grid positioning in the shoes improves stability to a greater level. It makes the shoes more cushioned with a high level of responsiveness. This is what makes athletes love these shoes.


  • It lies in the best value category
  • Has overrun cushioning
  • Great response on energy with a breathable mesh
  • It is developed biochemically


  • The shoes have a small toe box and run narrow

Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit

Nike is a veteran brand in footwear. And the superlight well cushioned 5.0 TR Fit does not disappoint. It is designed to make your workout a great success, enabling you to start and end on a high gear. Since the OTF is a high energy hot session, you need flexible and breathable features. These are offered in the Textile upper and Nike Free design.

Sometimes irritations in feet caused by wrong footwear make the whole workout session a strain. That is why the design makes the shoes great for bodyweight HIIT. The uppers of 5.0 TR Fit is made with light and airy material, allowing breathability and eliminating irritation.

They are incredibly lightweight and airy. There is enough airflow to keep your feet dry even if the rest is your body is dripping. Lace-up features make it hold firmly.


  • Many color options to choose from
  • Light with great cushioning
  • Internal zone reinforcement
  • Cost-effective


  • They run narrow and are not great on the durability buying guide

Buying Guide to the Best Footwear for OrangeTheory


Always consider shoes with the highest durability. You don’t want to keep spending money on shoes, considering some of them are quite costly. The key components that make shoes durable include the material, construction method, care guidelines and tips for longevity.


How much stability and support do the shoes offer? OTF is a rigorous, fast-paced activity. Look for the padded collar and tongue. They will support the ankle from rolling and chafing.


Best workout shoes are made with mesh upper. This features lets in air, while a good insole will absorb any sweat in the feet. Wet shoes can cause bacteria, mold, and fungus – you don’t want that for your feet.


OrangeTheory demands that you stay on toes for quick motions. Consider shoes designed to move with your feet and a good sole structure for traction. The sole should be flexible enough to allow quick brisk movements.


Chances of flips and falls during the high energy movements in OTF are very high. You need shoes that provide adequate grip. All the shoes reviewed above provide great traction. The emphasis should be on the sole structure and light enough.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding OrangeTheory Fitness


What is OrangeTheory Fitness?

OrangeTheory (OTF) is a type of workout founded in 2007 based on High-Intensity Interval Training.  It puts the heart in the proper zone for burning calorie.

What to expect when I visit OrangeTheory fitness Centre?

You will first be welcome and given a heart rate monitor. The trained will advise you appropriately before getting a schedule. The class involves energy music and a high energy instructor.

How many times can I work out at OrangeTheory?

Membership levels vary. The level depends on your budget. There is an option for unlimited visits as well.

What are the results like for the people who regularly follow this routine?

The results vary from individual to individual. It also depends on the health conditions of the participant. Generally, many people see changes after a few sessions.


Getting great Best Shoes for Orange Theory is vital for people who are a fitness enthusiast and regularly visit gyms. A high energy fitness activity like OTF requires proper shoes. It is all about performance. The shoes reviewed above will give you traction, comfort, durability and an easy time. That is all you need to get the best out of the sessions.

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