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Best Shoes for Arthritic Hips Reviewed

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Best Shoes for Arthritic Hips

If you often experience pain while walking, you probably have not just yet found the best shoes for arthritic hips. Arthritis is a common condition faced by many people in the world today. There are many different types of arthritis with the three main types being osteoarthritis (OA), rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and psoriatic arthritis (PsA).

An arthritic hip is an issue that affects the cartilage in the hips. In turn, the bones are unable to move smoothly; hence they rub painfully against each.

It can be challenging to walk up straight with these conditions. This is why choosing the right kind of shoes becomes essential.

The goal of choosing the right shoes is to reduce stress on your affected joints. You need shoes in which you can walk comfortably.

Note that arthritic joints in one place will affect the other parts as well. Protecting yourself by ensuring maximum comfort becomes a primary consideration.

Top 3 Shoes for Arthritic Hips Reviewed

1. Brooks Additional Walker

Arthritic hips can cause you a lot of pain. It worsens with each step you take unless you do something about it.

The Brooks Additional Walker are loaded with support features for your low arches. They are shoes that also control overpronation in your body.

They are casual in style, yet they present the most amazing contemporary feature for comfort lovers. It is made with a focus on getting you wherever your everyday decisions take you.

It has supple full-grain leather or velvety nubuck upper that dictate durability and comfort. The fabric lining comes with removable sock liner for great convenience.

As if that is not enough, the shoes have a full-length innovative MoGo midsole cushioning that you will find very helpful. It provides a soft by solid cushy feel for more cushioning and energy returns.

The HydroFlow technology used in the shoes ensure proper midsole cushioning and shock absorption. The sole is made to offer motion control and flexibility with every step.

General features include:

  • 100% leather
  • A synthetic sole
  • Proper support for your arches to help in overpronation.

2. OrthoFeet Asheville

Arch support is one of the most important considerations for buying shoes for arthritic hips. And these Men’s slippers offer just that.

They are made with non-binding related fit and maximum protection against pressure points. To make it even better for the user, the slipper has a premium insole along with the ergonomic, cushioning sole. They provide soft steps and ensure the natural movement of the feet.

Many experts recommend these shoes for arthritis and other related conditions. They are designed by Orthofeet, a company dedicated to designing therapeutic shoes with maximum comfort at the core of every product they produce. These means you are in the right hands are your needs are cared for.

They are engineered to reduce hip pain, arch pain, low back pain, enhancing arthritic problems. They come with a deep, wide toe box design to allow relaxation of your feet.

Features include:

  • 100% leather to ensure durability
  • Premium orthotic insole for proper support. The anatomical arch support is combined with a cushioning heel pad that conforms to your feet as you walk.
  • The lightweight sole made with Easy Gait-Ortho- Cushion system allows air and softens your steps. It is made with a focus on elevating stress on the joints.
  • It is engineered for the best foot solution.

3. OrthoFeet Pain Relief Sneakers

Pain is an everyday part of a person with arthritic hips. It is even worse when the shoes you are wearing are not fit for the condition.

OrthoFeet Pain Relief Sneakers are made to provide comfort and proper solution for your condition. There are made with the best features in the industry, including the following.

100% leather for strength and durability. Since you are investing in the shoes to make reduce the damage, you need something that will take you for a while.

They come with orthotic support. The shoes have an orthotic insole that is created with arch support. Also, the cushioning heel pad conforms to the contours of the foot to help you with natural motions. It also serves as a pain enhancer for maximum comfort.

The sole is lightweight, with Easy Gait-Ortho-Cushion system. The system softens as you walk to give you a long distance without much straining.

The extra depth design is non-binding, with a wide toe box that removes pressure on the bunions and hammer toes. In addition, the seam-free, interior lining that comes with foam relieves pressure points to provide maximum comfort.

These shoes are meant to offer the best solution for those with arthritic hips. It is all you need for the pain and a comfortable lifestyle.

Shoes for Arthritic Hips Buying Guide

You may have all the intention to get the right shoes. However, there are so many products on the market already and choosing may not be easy. But you don’t have to worry, we have highlighted a few important things to put in mind.


Even though you are facing issues in the hip, the real problem may be in your posture. The heel of your shoes may make things worse or improve on it.

Find shoes with low and flat shoes that provide better support and balance. High heels will force you to lean forward, increasing the pain.

Shoe material

For many, the material is not very much a worry. However, some material will make your feet uncomfortable and make the pain worse.

Size and fitting

Most shoes that are made too small end up causing feet problem. The issues are transferred to the hip as you will not be able to walk properly.

And if the shoes are too big, the same problem is inevitable. Try on different shoes before buying. Note that different companies make different sizes.


Since arthritis is a condition that may take time to go away, you don’t want to keep buying shoes because of poor quality. Buy shoes from a trusted source.


Arthritis and related problems are treated through therapy. The right shoes are part of the therapy, which you must take very seriously. This will help you keep track of your healing process by avoiding more pain. Choose the best shoes for arthritic hips that not only fit but are also comfortable and high quality.

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