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Best Shoes for Arthritic Hips

Best Shoes for Arthritic Hips
There is no doubt that we all want to have a stylish look, but many times the practice of becoming more stylish affects our health to a great extent especially when we wear inappropriate shoes. The process of finding the shoes becomes more difficult when a person suffers from some kind of physical pain in foot and arthritis. In this condition, the joints cannot repair from injuries and cause pain in joints and stiffness. Swelling also occurs that creates difficulty in engaging in any kind of activity. Following guide will help you select the best shoes so you can stay engaged in strenuous activities.

Try a Number of Available Options
Searching for a wide variety can help you compare the features of one pair of shoes with other and help you select the best one. You will be able to find the shoes that are more comfortable and supportive for your painful condition. Checking the authenticity of the company in claiming the qualities is also important, and you can do this by seeing the previous reviews of the customers. Select the one that has the best quality no matter it is expensive or available at cheap rates.

Focus on You Gait
The way of walking plays very important role for determining the right types of shoes for you. You should first analyze the performance of the shoes you are wearing at the moment and then see what the drawbacks were and then try to choose a new brand.  If the shoes are unevenly worn then you have to pay attention on your gait and correct it with the help of a physician. Choose the shoes that offer arch support if your previous shoes are worn from the outer edges. You can also take help from a podiatrist for identifying the issues with your gait.

Check the Performance
You should not pay stress on your feet that means it is not good to choose high heels as it can stress ankles and hips. You can walk around the room for checking the performance of shoes you want to try and then purchase the specific pair that satisfies you in your walk. You can also try insoles in your shoes if they are causing continuous discomfort. The cost of the insoles is high but they prove very good for the feet. You can also buy store-bought inserts but they do not customize the feet. Choose the supportive insoles and avoid gel-based insoles.

Asics Gel-Nimbus 17
Asics Gel- Nimbus line is in the market for a longer time because the company has been consistent in providing the best quality shoes. The shoes have high standards as the company has made improvements before releasing it with following features.


  • The shoes have excellent gel cushioning and they provide superior fit that is suitable for runners.
  • The pair of shoes absorbs any kind of shocks caused by arthritis because it has flexible upper.
  • The company has used Forefoot Gel Technology for designing the shoes so they can create less shock for runners.
  • The midsole of the shoes are made with FluidRide technology that enhances responsive and also light in nature.
  • People with high or normal size of arch will find comfort because it allows neutral movement.
  • There is no bulky seams material used in constructing the shoes as the company has not compromised on the comfort level.


  • FluidFit Upper makes the shoes more flexible and adaptive according to the type of feet.
  • The cost of the shoes is also not very high and out of the reach of customers.
  • The removable moisture supervision Ortholite X-40 insoles of the shoes are very effective.
  • The shoes also are famous for providing heel support.


  • The soft material of the shoes quickly wears out.
  • Running narrow can create a problem if the right width has not been selected by the customer.

 OrthoFeet Asheville

  • All the people who suffer from foot, knee, and back pain will find OrthoFeet Asheville good because the shoes are designed for alleviating the discomfort with following features.


  • The slippers provide excellent support and right softer cushioning to the feet.
  • It also gives personalized fit to the feet with its high depth hook and excellent loop closure.
  • They are also good for people who overpronate and have diabetes.
  • The inside of the shoes is seamless and it has orthotic insole which provides arch support to the feet.
  • The cushioning heel pad of the shoes proves very soft for the feet and provides comfort to the feet while walking.
  • The inner structure is lined with soft foam that reduces the chances of developing sore spots.


  • The upper of the shoes is made of soft leather, and the air cushioning is lightweight that does not put stress on the feet.
  • The biomechanically engineered structure creates natural gait for each step.
  • The product is affordable and can be a very good choice for you.
  • The lining of the shoes in made of synthetic and the shoes are good for overpronation.


  • The synthetic wool lining can create a problem for people as it can get hot in summer.

Brooks Glycerin 14

The next shoes that are designed considering the need of people with a high arch and constant neutral pronation are Brooks Glycerin 14 as it has following features.


  • The shoes provide greate cushioning and also has foot-hugging features.
  • Upper section of the shoes consist on 3D print overlay  and silicon.
  • The upper comforts the feet and also adds flexibility because of its lightweight.
  • The company has used high quality materials so the runner can feel comfortable in wearing the shoes everyday.
  • The shoes’ outsole has pressure zones that keep distributing the shocks all over the feet for creating more flexibility and provides excellent traction.
  • The midsoles and cushioning are based on energy return system because of their shock absorption feature.


  • The padded heel and the overall structure provides super-soft fit for the feet.
  • The rounded heel aligns the feet with the center of ankle joint that keeps reducing stress.
  • The padded collar also prevents the feet from the formation of sore-spots after long-running activity.
  • The cost of the shoes is high, but the quality speaks itself.


  • The shoes may feel heavier than other shoes of other brands.
  • The design is not appropriate for fancy occasions as it has a more serious look.

Rockport Cobb Hill Paulette
All the women desiring great comfort will be happy to heat that Rockport Cobb Hill Paulette is made for them as it is women’s loafers shoes with a number of features.

  • The shoes are suitable for office wear because they are both for reducing pain and give a stylish look.
  • The removable EVA foam footbed of the shoes keep providing comfort and support to the feet.
  • The arch support of the shoes is excellent. The upper section of the shoes consists of full grain leather that is durable in nature.
  • The shoes provide excellent breathability and also keep molding the feet.


  • The soft inner linning is manmade that gives a comfortable feel, and the collar is also soft that means you stay out of discomfort.
  • The cost of the shoes is average, but they maintain the high standards.
  • The shoes are suitable for people with orthotics as the durability and comfort ratio is incomparable.


  • The shoes run large and the leather on the upper side stretches out at the time you wear it.

Orthofeet Sprint

Shoes are famous in the market because they offer features that support the feet. The shoes have following features.


  • The shoes provide anatomical arch support, orthotic insert and the cushioning heel gives comfort to the fee.
  • The structure alleviates the pain of knees and hips for prolonged period and even patients of diabetes, plantar fasciitis and bunions find relief from pain.
  • The shoes provide enough space in the toe area because of its seamless interior design.
  • It keeps the metatarsal area out of pressure that mostly suffers during orthotic.
  • The Ortho-cushion system of the shoes makes it lightweight and the cushioning sole provides maximum amount of shock absorption feeling.


  • The shoes have energy-returning features that help in easy moves throughout the day.
  • The shoes come at a high price but the performance of the shoes worth the price.
  • The Gel-orthotic insoles of the shoes are supportive for the painful condition, and the shoes are vegan-friendly.


  • The only drawback of the shoes is that they run small and quite narrow that means they are not suitable for runners.
  • They can also break during the period which shows that they are less durable.


A research study of a medical institute shows that existing 350 million people suffer from arthritic pain and there need to wear specific shoes for fulfilling their need. You must select the shoes that are best for your physical condition and provide you the comfort that you require. People find difficulty in finding the shoes according to their types of feet because the outer image and advertisement attracts the customers towards aesthetic value.



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