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Best Running Shoes for Track Practice Reviewed

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Let’s get real; being a high performing track athlete is no joke. It requires dedication, talent and state of the art gear especially track shoes.

Our article reviews shoes for high performing athletes to anyone who wants to just go out for a run.

Our list of the best running shoes for track practice can increase your overall performance, endurance and prevent injuries while training at a high level. We have carefully selected the shoes, offering necessary advice while each is fit for the vigorous activities.

Good results require great effort and the right gear. These shoes have been reviewed based on their features and the kind of help you can get.

3 Best Running Shoes for Track Practice

Reebok Blaze MT

Are you in need of an excellent pair of track shoes made for children?  The Reebok Blaze 2 is all you may need. They are designed with a great insole that will help your younger runners sprint smoothly and with excellent speed.

Reebok is a company well known for producing great athletic footwear, and here is one good example. The shoes are made with high quality consideration to ensure maximum support and performance. You will feel like riding on springs as your feet enjoy good grip and a spongy insole.

Sporting events can make your shoes wear out very fast. These shoes are made to last. They will serve you even longer if you rotate with other sneakers.

There are many other shoes for sports, but very few can compare to the performance of these sneakers. They hold well as solo shoes too, more than any other. Runners of all kinds will enjoy the great comfort these footwear offer.

The price is moderate. Consider the quality and value of these sporting wear; you have every reason to like them.


  • They come in variety of colors
  • Comfort and durability
  • Nice fitting
  • Lightweight


  • Some buyers have complained of tiring insoles
  • There have been other complains of the shoes lasting for a very short period

New Balance Vazee

Are you a sprinter? Then the shoes you buy should be light enough to provide you support and speed as required. These sprinters have all the best characteristics. They are designed to provide optimal comfort and flexibility. They are built to offer high levels of comfort throughout your training.

Comfort and stability is among the major requirements for sprinters. The full plate in these shoes can hold up to 8 pins. They are easily adaptable to different terrains. They will adjust easily to the shape of your foot providing a snug and secure foot.

They are made with high quality material, designed to last for as long as possible. Use them for 100 to 800 meters races and they will give you service beyond imagination.


  • Comfortable, lightweight and flexible
  • Holds up to pins
  • They are versatile, providing secure fit and durability


  • These shoes are a bit costly
  • They offer only a narrow fit

Adidas MD 2

There is nothing more satisfying for runner than comfort and flexibility. The Adidas MD 2 are mid-distance spikes that offer great grip and comfort to the wearer. They can make you feel like there is more you can do, pushing you beyond your limits. They are great performance shoes that will make your life on the track much bearable.

They are comfortable, providing both stability and support. In this, they are efficient for races of between 800-1500 meters. The additional cushioning provides support and protection to let you run longer distances. They will help you keep on your toes comfortably.

It the quality of these track shoes that strike many wearers. They are also durable, so you can be sure of long time performance in your collection.

They can in unique designs as well. Perhaps that is one of the reasons they appear pricey. But if you consider the value you get, price will not mean a lot.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Offer good traction
  • Stable and supportive
  • Durable


  • They are not meant for sprints – quite heavy


Running Shoes for Track Practice – Buying Guide



The right track shoes will enhance your performance and endurance on the field. It is important that you put your needs and considerations into account. The aim is to get shoes that will lower risks of injury. Try on the shoes with socks you normally wear and see how they fit.

Advanced Features

There are some advanced features, such as spike size and type that will have a huge impact on performance. All track and field shoes come with spikes designed with specific sizes to offer special benefits.

For instance, the 9mm pins are great for cross-country racing. They can grip muddy terrain. 12 to 15mm is perfect for steep hills of fell terrain.


You will only get the right performance for your shoes if you pick considering the right features.  Racing shoes require a high level of stability and comfort. They must be well cushioned shoes. Consider the type of spikes features. There are spikes meant specifically for sprinting, middle distance running, long distance running and all rounder.


The outsoles of running shoes are embedded with spikes. It is important to consider how the outsole appears with the spikes. Do not fail to replace the studs at the appropriate time. Remember the outsole is vital for grip and traction.




Track events are so much fun and fruitful with the right shoes. Truth is, getting the best running shoes for track practice can help you achieve your performance goals while keeping you injury free. This is because you will have chosen the right footwear for the terrain.

Speed is necessary, while foot safety is essential. The shoes you choose will determine whether or not you get this as expected. Try on different shoes until you get the right and comfortable fit.

Get the right shoes for the right distance and everything will flow as you expected.

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