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Best Running Shoes for Supination Reviewed

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Supination is a condition that happens when the runner places the weight outside of the foot. Excessive supination can lead to many kinds of issues with the alignment of the body. So its very important that you get the best running shoes for supination.

It also leads pain in the feet, hips, and back. The length of the leg, the width of the foot, the stability of ankle and the shape of the arch of the foot also increase the chances of supination.

The soft tissues of the foot will not feel comfortable wearing the shoes. Walking on the flat and hard floor will become difficult as you are wearing tight and rigid shoes. It is the reason; you must support the feet by wearing the right kind of shoes that are designed for supination.

Best Running Shoes for Supination

New Balance 510v3

The first shoes that fall into the category of best shoes for supination is New Balance 510v3 Trial Running shoe. The shoes are famous for maintaining alignment and continuous comfort for the feet. It provides the support that the feet need in the condition of pain in the feet.

  • The absorbing properties of shoes take shocks and maintain flexibility. The shoe is very supportive because of the special kind of midsole and outsole made for the better position of the feet.
  • The shoes are made of leather and mesh that make is breathable for the feet. The product is imported and has a rubber sole that supports the arch of the feet.
  • The IM ethylene vinyl acetate midsole keeps the feet in balance. The overall weight of the shoes is 348 grams with AT tread outsole, and injection melded Ethyl Vinyl Acetate shoes PU Sockliner.
  • The drop the shoes is 12 mm that is created properly during the process of development. The inner surface of the shoes is NB ultra soft that provides enough comfort for the feet.

It is necessary for a person to check the size and then wear the shoes.

There are certain pros and cons that one should consider before buying the product:
The Company has used ABZORB technology for producing the shoes. IMEVA Midsole provides enough comfort for the feet to move easily. There is a no-sew overlay, and the traction of the shoes is also extreme.
The disadvantage of wearing is the thick area around the collar of the shoes that can create discomfort.


Brooks Ghost 9

The next excellent option for shoes that a person can wear during supination is Brooks Ghost 9 Running Shoes.

  • The foam of the shoes is highenergized that absorbs the shocks during the entire day. The natural support system of the shoes proves very good in supination.
  • The alignment of the shoes makes it easy for the feet to stay in one position that reduces the negative effects of supination. A person gets a very good feel after wearing the shoes because of its soft and padded shoe tongue and band.
  • The ankle stays comfortable with a strong grip on the shoes.
  • The surface of the shoes is also versatile that keeps it good. T
  • he shoes are available In Peacoat Navy and, white and red color. It is lightweight with its synthetic overlays and soft fabric lining.
  • The cushion design is gender-friendly, and it is made with BioMoGo DNA and responsive Brooks DNA.
  • The foot lands in a comfortable way because of its segmented crash pad that has a full length.
  • The footwear material is made of soft blown rubber.


The shoes provide mild to high support for the feet’s arch.
The upper mesh makes the feet breathe easily, and the eco-friendly material keeps the feet in a good environment. The firm midsole provides balance for the feet, and the flexible upper part of the shoe makes it easy to walk.
The shoes are narrow from the toe that makes it difficult for feet with the broader toe. The flat feet also get uncomfortable because of its high arch.


Under Armour Micro G Assert 6

The third product in our list is Under Armour Micro G Assert 6 that comes with a number of benefits. It changes each step in the right step that a person takes.

  • The EVA midsole makes the shoes more supportive and increases its flexibility. T
  • he foams of the shoes contain great quality and give a comfy feeling.
  • The shoes are made of leather, rubber, and textile that bring a high quality of performance when a person walks with them.
  • It also has a rubber sole, ethylene acetate and 2.4 measurements from the shaft.
  • The upper layer of the shoes is very light because of its supportive foam, and the lower layer is also breathable because of its mesh. The midsection of the foot stays in stable position because of the durable material.
  • The shoes are available for both gender according to the shape of feet and requirement of the position.
  • The shoes also achieve great durability because of its rubber transaction and less weight.
  • The rubber outsole also conveys great transaction because of its lightweight.
  • The offset of the shoes is 10mm, and the weight is 9.0 oz.


The Micro G Foam of the shoes makes it easy for the foot to stay in comfort. The company has used EVA shock liner in a full length for giving more comfort to the foot. It provides maximum protection for feet because of its foam that is supportive enough with its mesh on the upper side.
The downfall of the product is the toe crunching and the ear in the sole.


Brooks Glycerin 14

The Brooks Glycerin 14 is a pair of shoes made with a comfortable cushion to provide maximum feeling to the person wearing it. The shoes are available in both women Glycerin and men Glycerin. The shoe function in the best way among all the shoes because of it fitting size.

  • The crash pad built it in the shoes prevent the feet from shocks.
  • The synthetic-and-mesh shoes with rubber sole and strides cut are perfect for everyone who wants to wear them.
  • The differential is 10mm, and the product is available in exclusive podium pack that means you can place it everywhere easily.
  • It provides structural support because of its 3D Fit Print and less weight.
  • It has stretch TPU cage that provides a very enhanced and customized fit for the feet.
  • It also has a plush tongue and collar with smooth fabric lining. You can remove the contoured foams placed inside the shoes.
  • The DNA midsole provides maximum cushioning and support for the shoes and smoother transitions.
  • The flexibility of the shoes is available in heightened flexibility.
  • The pressure of the shoe distributes in an equal way and helps in enhancing the function of the shoes.


  • The shoes have maximum cushioning provide a softer feeling for the feet.
  • The DNA midsole and segmented crash pad increase its softness inside for the feet to stay in comfort.
  • The shoes have right alignment for a better position of the feet.
  • It provides ideal pressure zone for the feet.

It has thread wears and deep imprints.


ACICS Gel Excite

The last product is ACICS Exite that comes with a number of benefits because of its padded heels. You can enjoy wearing the shoes in summer because of its style and comfort.

  • The gel work in the heels enables the person to stay away from shoes as the shoes absorb the shocks and whisk away the pain.
  • The outsoles are very durable and provide maximum grip for the feet.
  • The shoes enhance one’s safety because of its incredible arch support.
  • The upper side of shoes is made up of leather with sports thong sandal silhouette.
  • The toe post of the shoes is made of soft woven, and the strap stops are made with jersey-lined straps.
  • The material has a barefoot-friendly property, and it is effortless to wear the shoes because of its lightweight.
  • The medium-density EVA midsole of the shoes effectively absorb the shocks and lower the stress on the arch.


  • It has a rear gel and EVA midsole.
  • The soft plush material and removable insole provide the right atmosphere for the feet.

The person cannot run much by wearing the shoes as the reflection strip can loosen.


What to Look for in Running Shoes for Supination


Considering the weight of the shoes is the first element of selecting the right pair. Heavier shoes use more energy by the feet that mean there is more stress on them. It is necessary that the shoes are lightweight and have the less cushioning that supports the position of your feet. The pair of shoes must be a comfortable fit where it can enable you to run hundreds of miles.
Less cushioning can help you run faster over the long distances.

Right Drop of Shoes

The next important element of the shoes is the shoe-drop because lower drop means less heel striking. The minimalist designs are now very famous as they have zero drops of shoes. You can also choose any of the shoes with fewer drops than 6mm.


Cushioning is very important because it gives impact absorption to the shoe. It must have fewer cushions so you can have a good experience walking or running while wearing the shoes.
Another important point is trying the shoes and not trusting on people. You can review the products by talking to the company or seeing the features online. The running shoes must provide enough stability and support for the shoes. It must stay durable for a longer term with normal arches. The arches should not be very high or low as these points can cause Supination. The motion control shoes are not good for you as they are stiffer than the other shoes. However, stability shoes are not like that because they are made for the natural condition of the foot. You can also analyze your feet at the technical store of running shoes for selecting the right kind of shoes.

Other Features

It is equally necessary for the shoes to be suitable for speed work with enough softness. Handling the long runs is another feature that you should find in the shoe. The shoes with double sole are also very good for feet as they are based on the design and body weight. There are many companies who are providing best shoes. It must allow you to run in an easy way for a half-marathon race. It must not change the shape of the feet. The treads must be reshaped and small spreading on sides. It should have small notches for increasing flexibility.



Comfort comes with the ability of feet to breathe easily within the shoes. The shoes must appropriately let your feet breath because of the right kind of materials used in it. Maximum ventilation can reduce the chances of blisters and discomfort. It is the reason; you must ask the shopkeeper whether the shoes have the feature or not.

Size of Shoes

Select the shoes that are suitable for you’re the size of your feet because once the shoes fit well, then you will have not more problems. If your feet are wide, then buy the shoes with increased width and avoid buying tight shoes.


Now if the shoes have all the features, but still they do not function well, then all your money and effort will be wasted. It is the reason; you must speak with the shopkeeper for knowing whether the shoes work in the best way for you or not.



The most important features among all the above-mentioned products are the quality of being durable. The common shoes easily are worn out towards the outer edges that mean there is a need for replacing the shoes with new. You must purchase the product that will be durable and meshed. Using the shoes with synthetic overlays can give you the support you want after wearing the shoes. You can further investigate whether the shoes have dual density midsole and the right rubber carbon that create durability.

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