Best Running Shoes for Small Feet

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Have you ever found your feet always wiggling when you run? This an issue faced by many people around the world. Even after tightening your shoes right and confirming the laces are firm, there is always a problem. Hence we have laid out a guide for the best running shoes for small feet people

Such an experience only means you have too much room at your toe box. It might be because your feet are too narrow.

In such a case, the only right remedy is finding a fitting pair of shoes. You really need to get those shoes designed for narrow feet.

It is natural to find a majority of runners looking for a wider toe box. But that is not always the case with runners with narrow feet. You may need to go about the situation from a different angle.

Shoe hunting is quite fun but tiring at the same time. A lot of runners don’t get the right shoes because they don’t have the time and the patience to hunt for the right pair. Sometimes runners simply go for style, looks and color. Others only consider the weight or affordability of the shoes.

But there is so much more you will be missing out.

6 Best Running Shoes for Small Feet

1. Saucony Omni 14

This is one of the best shoes if you have narrow feet. It has a stack height of 26mm in the heel and 18 in the tow. This is a comfortable height for running every day.

It may seem too high but, they are made with the perfect outsole and inner sole. They are a perfect fit and will not leave you tying the laces at all times.

Saucony is a trusted brand in athletic footwear, which is what makes the shoes a good choice. The pair is good as well f those looking for stability. They come with pronation control features.

They are made with a breathable upper mesh, a great midfoot fit and a durable sole. They are generally great for running.

However, the stack height makes them seem a bit bulky for someone with narrow feet.

2. New Balance Men’s 1080v8 Fresh Foam Running Shoes

New Balance is a respectable name in the shoe industry. And this particular product does not disappoint. It offers the most comfortable ride you might never feel getting tired.

It is good for a marathon and other long distance running events. And if you are daily runner, the shoes is still supportive.

The breathable upper mesh is expandable to conform to your foot. It also comes in true size.

One downside of these shoes is the price.

3. Nike Men’s Lunarsolo Runnin shoe

Running is more fun when you get shoes that make you feel as though you are running bear foot. The Nike Men’s Lunarsolo Running Shoes are such. They are light-weight and good value for your money. You can discover this if you tried comparing shoes with similar specs.

Its lightweight structure offer neutral support for runners. On the other hand is the snug fit design and the moisture wicking material that lets your ride as though moving on air.

The pair is not however recommended for long distance running.

4. New Balance Men’s m940v3 Running Shoe

If you are with moderate to severe pronation, then here is a shoe that can help you. It is designed to offer great support and fit for people with narrow fit while ensuring maximum breathability. It has a sockliner that keeps the moisture away.

The shoes are great for people looking for stability types of shoes. However, they are flexible enough to be used by anyone else.

The absorbed cushioning in the shoes reduces the impact of running on concrete. This way, it absorbs the shock, allowing you land safely.

One disadvantage is that the pair is too heavy.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoe

If you are middle to long distance running woman in need of a shoe to fit you small feet, look no further. Here is a shoe that will keep you in the marathon long enough to finish your race.

Those who have ever used the gels will agree they offer a great deal of comfort. And that is what matters the most for every runner.

They come from one of the companies that have a long prove track record. This particular one has a 10 mm drop push offering the most comfortable ride.

But you may need some time to break in.

6. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 20 Men’s Running Shoes

These shoes are excellent for a supportive ride. They are lightweight, offering the feeling of a bare foot. The runner sole cushions you from the shock as your feet lands on a concrete ground.

It is another great shoe from the brand ASICS that has proven over time to offer comfortable ride. And you can feel the pavement when you run in them.

It is has great looks with a sleek design. The 10mm drop makes them quite stable and truly wonderful fit. The heel clutching system will ensure a great fit.

But some buyers have complained of a stiffer footbed than other versions.

Running Shoes for Small Feet – Buying Guide

It is important that you check the technical aspect of getting the perfect athletic shoes. Start with for instance the stack height of the shoe. Is it too high or too low? Stack height is the thickness of everything under the foot.

Shoes with larger stack are considered less stable than those with lower stack and it is easy to see how. Stability is vital for every runner.

Other runners go further and check the drop height or the heel-to-toe drop. This is another important factor you can look into. The height ranges from zero mm to 12 mm. Choose a height of between 4 to 10mm. That will be safe for you.

There are many other factors to consider, including the outsole and the inner sole. The bottom line is, you need the right shoes for your narrow feet. And here is a list you can trust.


Your experience should tell you the kind of shoes you need for your narrow feet. Whether you prefer cushioned ones, or feel-the-ground design, you can always get something. Here, our list of best shoes for running small feet should give you the perfect choice. Good luck on the track!

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