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Best Running Shoes For High Arches 2018

The shoe industry is increasing rapidly like any other beauty industry or clothes industry. People spend a huge amount of money on makeup, dress, kitchen, and food but when it comes to shoes, and they have to go out for a walk, they choose their five (5) dollars dirty slippers. They do a brisk walk with them for five days and then sit down and complaint we cannot move more. The major reason is the wrong selection of shoes and that’s where our guide on the best running shoes for high arches clear many misconceptions.

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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Have you ever analyzed your feet while the ache badly and saw that it has a very high arch? If yes then due to high arch the amount of load on the heel of the foot increases while standing and walking which leads to pain.

Running Shoes for High Arches – Men

When your foot hits the land, it moves inward to tolerate the shock, and the arch reinforce about three times the weight of your body. People who move inward more than normal or not less than normal can face injuries caused due to running due to low effectiveness of the absorption of shock.

Compatibility of the properties of shoes with the style of the running of the runner will enhance comfort, efficiency of running, and tend to lower the danger and chance of injury. Here are few shoes selected for men with high arches:

best running shoes for high arches


4.5 / 5


About the manufacturers:

In 1914, Brooks Sports was established in Philadelphia and began to design and sell sports shoes in the 1930s. This American company is putting their effort day by day for making the most suitable shoes for all types of runners out there. It is driven by market and working hard to meet the uprising and current needs of specific runners. It is known as the best company for ethical manufacturing of shoes

Well rated company:

Afterwards, its main focus was on running. This company is rated well due to its policy, sole production, manufacturing, transparency, and components.

Key features:

The shoe mesh and synthetic and is made in the USA.

  • Style name: The name of its style is Beast’14.
  • Synthetic sole: Its sole is also synthetic
  • Colors: It is available in different colors like black, gold, and silver.
  • Height: Its heel is 1.5.”
  • Width: It is 2E wide.
  • Suitability: It is suitable for both long run and smooth walk.
  • Comfortability: It has high responsiveness to comfort your run
Nike Pegasus 33


4.5 / 5


History of Nike:

Nike has been working, promoting and developing the right shoes for different feet types for the past 30 years. It provides style with affordability thus fulfills the needs of various runners at the same time. It has come up with a number of modifications and alteration which makes it the best choice for most runners out there.

Key Features:

  • Type: It is of mesh type.
  • Sole: It has a rubber sole.
  • Midsole: It has a cushioned midsole which provides it with a silky and comfortable ride.
  • Air units: It has zoom air units which increase the impact of deflection and protect the feet.
  • Cushioning: Its effective and durable cushioning is what makes you feel light weight and provide ease to your run.
  • Comfortable ride: It provides a soft and smooth ride which is impressive.
  • No Moisture: You won’t feel your feet moist when walking in them.
  • Versatility: It is versatile as you can wear it for various runs.
  • Rapid Rebound: It has a rapid rebound which makes it desirable for most of the runners.
running shoes for high arches
History of ASICS:

ASICS was established in Japan as a company for the manufacturing of athlete’s equipment which manufactures sports and footwear equipment intended for a huge range of sports.  Basically, the name ASICS is derived from a Latin phrase which means to have a healthy mind in a healthy body.

It has been established from the past 60 years. The introduction of GEL within the shoes quite seems different and has a big innovation in the world of shoe manufacturers. This company is working hard in terms of improving not only the quality of shoes which has to do with the durability, strength, and ease of the shoe but also putting great effort into making the best of the shoe appearance so to make your run a stylish one.

Key features: 

  • Sole: It has a sole composed of rubber.
  • Sun rising overlays: It has overlays inspired by the rising sun which is one of its best features.
  • Mesh: It’s in the seamless mesh.
  • GEL cushioning: Its cushioning has a Gelling effect making a rear foot. It has such GEL units which are exposed and has cradle which is plastic in nature
  • Insole: Its insole is Removable.
  • Truss-tic: Systematically, it propels like truss and tic.
  • Designed for: Originally, this is designed for those runners who use to land their heels first. The containment of GEL in it makes the landing of the runner smooth and this feature has been appreciated by the testers.
  • Weight: It is comfortable and low in weight.
  • Smoothness: It aids in the softer transitions.
  • Closer to ground landing: Asics are responsible for the thinner formulation of its plastic cradle, and it tends to bring the foot nearer to the ground.
  • Durability: this shoe is durable. It won’t break down easily.
  • Considerable for: it is highly considerable for strikers with heavy heels.
  • Gender specified midsole: It has a midsole which is gender-specified for increased cushioning and for the features like bearing shocks.
  • Variance in colors and designs: Its availability in various colors with bright and exciting designs makes it more attractive.
  • Convenient ride: According to some testers, it gives you one of the most convenient rides in town. It is very comfortable.
  • Effectiveness: It is really effective during aerobics or workouts in the gym.
  • Firm and snug: The way its heel cup firms the heel and keep it snugly is wonderful.
  • Spacious toe box: A huge toe box makes it available for multiple runners.
  • Expensive: The price of this shoe is really high.
  • Luxury ride: It is mainly designed to support training on a daily basis and is desirable for a luxury run on the road.

Running Shoes for High Arches – Women

There is not a single consideration for shoe because all have different requirements. It involves the biomechanics, the body weight, the type of the land you intend to run on, and last but not the least your feet shape. These factors differentiate that what is desirable and good for men must not be wanted for women. Therefore, there is a variety of shoes for women too.

high arch support shoes
Running is becoming popular with the citizens of America. With this increasing popularity, buying ASICS Women’s GEL-Venture 5 Running Shoe is the best choice for women.
This specific footwear is also compatible with fitness workout and usual activities due to it is well-cushioning effect which promotes lesser support to arch, very strong, reinforced, exact for the control of movement, and is safe to use.
It is a footwear designed for the neutral type that means that it is a somewhere between firmness and minimalist shoes. The running shoe contains a standard characteristic of the barefoot shoes.

Key features:

  • Synthetic: It is synthetic in nature.
  • Sole: Its sole is also synthetic.
  • Correct motion: The motion of foot was made correct supinated through it.
  • Efficient grip: its grip is excellently efficient.
  • Edgy Tongue: The edgy tongue of the shoe is responsible for the highly super performance all the way.
  • Sturdy: It is well built and sturdy.
  • Brief fit: It promotes a brief fit.
  • Best performer: As far as its stability is concerned, its performance is highly remarkable.
  • Best suitable for: It is best suitable for the runners who wish to run for work out through a land which is rough in nature.
  • Provision of adequate safety: It is responsible for the Provision of adequate safety of foot to the toe from the danger of projection of objects.
  • Neutral runners: It is designed for neutral runners.
  • Bright overlays: It has sparkling overlays.
  • GELLING effect: It has a cushioning system of GEL.
  • Sock liner: Its sock liner has removable foam which facilitates the bone’s movement to be in the proper way.
  • Outsole: Its outsole is trail specific and having a traction of multi surface.
  • Rubber: Its rubber is highly abrasive.
altra torin 2.0
About Altra:

The founder of the company named Golden Harper felt that the movement and walk of barefoot runners altered when they wore typical running shoes. He encountered that the height of the heel of most of the typical running shoes was comparatively very high to the height of the toe.

At that moment, he started altering the typical running shoes by open cutting, keeping the padding out from the heel, and then using an oven toaster and stick to put the shoes back with altogether.

After this realization, he employed local runners and the employees of the store to determine that the traditional shoes where the forefoot and heel were equally distant from the land surface. The design proved to permit a more realistic experience of running where downward movement of the foot is in the center to the area of forefoot rather than that of a more common hit of the heel. He named this design as Zero Drop.

Zero drop:

This shoe has the characteristic of zero drop which refers to the no drop or fall down from the heel of the shoe towards the forefoot. On the other hand, traditional shoes usually have a 12mm drop. Altra makes sure provides the accurate and equal distance off the land at the heel and the ball of the foot as well. This feature makes you feel that you a running bare footed.

Key features:

  • Mesh: It has a rapid air dry mesh.
  • Sole: Its sole is composed of rubber.
  • Huge Toe box: Its toe box permits you to spread your toes which is why it is desirable for good speed and stability.
  • Enhanced cushioning: It has an extended cushioning capacity including the responsiveness of A-bound. Runs when Long training are a convenient breeze with the flexible cushioning created from our light but reactive midsole with a bound component.
  • A-bound: This compound is responsible for returning energy back into every taken step and can endure your weight well which supports a landing of low impact.
  • Different and comforting: The feel of running is very different with these shoes
  • Outsole: Its outsole has the technology of foot pad which shapes the bone and directs the foot for a naturally flexible and free movement.
  • Design: it has a new and seductive upper design which makes it the best choice for her.
  • Suitability: suitable for Fitness, Trail Running and Running only.
best running shoes for high arches
Key features
  • Color: It is available in different color varieties e.g.
  • Charcoal, Grey and in Combo
  • White Turqoise
  • Blue, Navy and /or Pink,
  • Purple/Blue/Mint
  • Grey/Charcoal and/or Combo
  • Lime, Berry / Pink
  • blue / Navy /pink
  • Nature: 100% Synthetic.
  • Sole: It has a Rubber sole.
  • Design: This running shoe is Laced-up in breathable mesh having FLEXFILM no-sew overlays for supporting in a low weight
  • Padding: it has Padded collar and tongue
  • Lining: RunDry lining which is chafe-resistant
  • Density: It has Dual density to control pronation
  • Flexibility: Its outsole has Tri-Flex design for better flexibility.
  • Selecting the right shoes is extremely important as they increase performance and prevents the injuries.
  • One should always go to a sports shop for finding sports shoes instead of going to general shopping malls.
  • People at sports shop are intelligent enough to guide you what you want.
  • They need to get you what you want in your price, style, and fitting.
  • Make sure you try shoes with socks and take a long run to try and make sure that its good.
  • Take your socks along that you use while playing as their socks might trick you negatively.
  • Properly tie the lace with your hand and never be in a hurry to buy shoes. Give yourself some time.
  • Make sure that you tell the staff for what type of activity you need the shoes and what are your preferences since these staff members have been living in the sports industry and have been hired after a sufficient degree/diploma so they can further guide and help you..
  • Properly tie the lace with your hand and never be in a hurry to buy shoes. Give yourself some time.
  • Make sure that you tell the staff for what type of activity you need the shoes and what are your preferences, since these staff members have been living in sports industry and have been hired after a sufficient degree/diploma so they can further guide and help you.

What Causes High Arches ?

The arched foot can be due to many medical conditions like cerebral palsy, polio, etc. along with neurologic disorder. It can also be due to inheritance. If the arched foot is due to any other cause except for inheritance, then the underlying cause is to be treated otherwise the situation will worsen.

How to Select Shoes for High Arch Runners ?

No matter if you are a regular pavement pounder or an Olympic athlete, your feet must be comfortable to make your path easy and delightful.If you are a runner, then choosing running shoes is similar as to buying a car or a house; it requires too much time to select them according to our ease.

Despite giving your walk or run a comfort, shoes can aid in making you run a strong one. If you have high-arched feet, then it is extremely important to choose the shoes wisely so that the high arch feet do not cause any pain and are supported by your shoes.

Shape of Feet:

When you get ready to purchase the appropriate shoes according to the nature of your work, the first thing you should keep in your mind is your feet’s shape. Mainly, there are three types of foot out of which the first one is considered to as flat, the other being neutral and the last one is known as high arches.

Role of the arches:

The arches of Flat shaped feet likely to have fallen which makes them flexible and they tend to pronate overly. Well, over Pronation refers to the inward movement of the feet on its nearest margin. When it comes to the second type of foot named the Neutral, it is that variety which one could say the most sound biomechanically, this factor puts it somewhere in the center.

As far as High-arched feet are concerned, these are significantly and equally opposite to the flat feet. The landing of high arched feet tends outwardly on the edges of the feet especially when the arches are specifically defined and ending up in somewhat rigid occurrence.

Revolution in the shoe companies:

Due to variance found in the shapes of the foot, the companies of the shoe have revolutionized models to facilitate runners of all pace. When choosing the right shoes for yourself, it is necessary to have familiarity of which category of shoe will be compatible with you, according to the type of your feet.

Cushioning and midsole padding:

Harriers having Flat-foot are prone to drift to a shoe having stability somewhat higher because it helps them to avoid pronate more. More often, people with a Neutral type of feet can run or walk in various types of footwear, but they, usually like to purchase a shoe having moderate firmness.

For Runners having high arches, the most suitable shoes are those which are cushioned because they provide them plasticity with the midsole padding.

Familiarity with your own shoe type is significant:

After finding the right direction of selecting the shoe category, go for a various pair. Your heel must be comfortable and safe when you decide to move your toes around. In this way, there won’t be any undesirable slipping.

How to know about our feet shape:

There is a test called the Wet Test. Basically, it acts in a way that it makes a correlation with the wet footprint on a floor that is dry or a small piece of paper roughly with the amount of firmness you might require in your shoe. After undergoing, you will be aware of what features you should go for and accommodates you with the basic knowledge of your feet type.

What to Look for when Buying Running Shoes for High Arches 


  1. Comfort
  • These shoes should be extremely comfortable.
  • Make sure when you wear them your ties are not too tight and feel like hurting.
  • Don’t care about the shoe shape, it just should not hurt or press your toe badly.
  1. Weight
  • Shoes should be light weighted.
  • You have to carry your body weight, clothes weight; now you cannot carry your shoe weight as you have to run from feet so shoe should be very light weighted.
  1. Breathability
  • Sports people have to wear shoes for a longer duration so make sure your feet don’t sweat too much.
  • Sweatiness produces itchiness; furthermore, it prevents you from moving faster.
  • If you have to remove shoes make sure it does not produces bad odor has breathability power.
  1. Stability
  • Fast-paced workouts demand/ requires constancy and suppleness.
  • Only heel can provide you this but beware it should be very flexible.
  1. Sole
  • The entire shoe is based on the sole as a sole decides your relationship with the friction of ground.
  • Rubber sole, in fact, good rubber sole tends to give good friction. However, synthetic soles do not provide a very good fiction.
  1. Durability
  • This is a busy century, and you have no time for shopping daily so you definitely need shoes which should work for a longer period of time.
  • Always select shoes which are durable so that you don’t have to buy again and again.
  • It is far better to but one good shoe in a year instead of buying one cheap and bad monthly.
  1. Shock absorption
  • Your shoes should have the power of shock absorption.
  • This shock is not kind of stress or electric, but it’s the shock of emergency situations including mud, grass and slippery sports grounds.
  • These wonder shoes help you to maintain balance and prevents you from falling in such situations.



There is a wide variety of style and brands available in the market and choosing the best running shoes for high arches is a tedious task. Before purchasing the shoes make sure to check comfort, cushioning and flexibility they provide. You can also purchase different shoes for different type of running. Keep in mind that shoes are to be changed every 300 to 400 miles so narrow your options based on price range.

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