Best Rugby Boots for a Flanker

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In any rugby game, there are two flankers in each team who are entrusted with the responsibility of winning possession in every breakdown in open play.

Usually, these flankers should be players with more energy than the rest and they should be able to run very fast. In attack, their role is to support the backs in open play and involved in scrambles to gain possession.

For this reason, it’s important these flankers to be equipped with well modified boots to suit their responsibilities. Here are some of the best boots discussed.

Because flankers play a vital in the game, the need boots that balance traction and grip. The shoes should be lightweight as well for speed and great performance. Speed is the first rule of being a flanker.

Rugby involves pushing and scrumming or the ball. This is often followed by explosive take off to chase the ball. The flanker will require solid platform.

These are players who travel the most distance as well. This means the shoes they wear must reflect what they do on the field. They are expected to call on their top-end speed as fast as possible.

This is why choosing the right cleats matters. But with so many products on the market, it is understandable if you get overwhelmed.

We have taken time to compile a list of best rugby boots for a flanker. It should give you easy time.

6 Best Rugby Shoes for a Flanker

1. Under Armour Men’s Force 3.0 FG Soccer Cleat

The Men’s Force 3.0 FG Soccer Cleat is, made of leather that makes resistant to and also wear and tear and also provides support and stability. They also have smooth and synthetic lining to provide soft feeling and addition comfort when wearing the shoe. It has a TPU sole(thermoplastic polythane) on the outside that provide a constant grip on the ground surface to minimize the rate  of slipping.

They have synthetic sole that are long-lasting and are also lightweight which favours the player especially when running up to speed.

2. Canterbury CCC Phoenix Club 8 Stud Rugby Boot

These are one of the most unique rugby boots because they are made of the latest trendy design and they come in a variety of colors. They are synthetic which means they are comfortable and possibly you will use them for a long period. They have they latest design of replaceable studs so you definitely don’t have to stress over replacing the whole sole when one stud is broken.

They are flexible to be use in any rugby game i.e. in schools, college or even the very much competitive games in the club level.

3. Under Armour Men’s Highlight MC Football Shoe

These are special shoes because they have been made with the employment of special design to achieve that classy and trendy appearance. It’s made with an up-close lace design that can be adjusted for better fit of the shoes. They possess a high –rebound insole that act as insulator against shock and also provide extra comfort.

You will never have to be too careful about slipping cause they are made anti-slip by the triangular studs that provide traction in all directions. Their sole are synthetic hence they are going to last you foe along period of time

4. Adidas Predator Malice FG Men’s Rugby Boom

These rugby boots favor fast splinting because of their lightweight construction. We could these are specifically made for the flankers.  They are made with the latest technology within fine features that facilitates flexibility in performance like kicking control. They are equipped with speed traxion outsoles for support and grip to the ground surface to prevent slipping

Made with Asymmetric lacing that to give it that stylish appearance and also make them unique and for easy fit. They have a return guarantee incase where the customer in not satisfied with it for various reasons like size.

5. Nike Tiempo Legend VI FG Cleats

These are adorable boots judging by the appearance and the latest design. They are made with solid knee brace to make the strong and durable. It’s also synthetic means they are strong to maintain their design even after long use. Added to their durability and comfort, they are made with kangaroo tough leather.

They are water resistant and have a dominating touch that makes it a lot more comfortable to wear  for long time without fatigue. Rugby   requires all players to always be on toes for effective performance and these shoes are lightweight to make it possible

6. Mizuno Men’s MORELIA ll PIGA 150109

These are also lightweight shoes which facilitates faster movement and comfort. They are also made of leather for extra comfort and durability. They have an amazing feeling lime you feel you are actually walking barefooted.  This is because they have been designed to be low on almost the ground level and most players prefer these because they are flexible.

From the physical appearance, you can conclude that a lot of craftsmanship has been employed in the making of the shoe to give it a fancy look. They possess outsoles with studs to prevent slipping.

Frequently asked questions

How can you tell all rugby boots are not the same as football boots?

There is a huge difference between rugby boots and football ones. The rugby boots are generally wider. Rugby players benefit from a larger boot because that is where they get great kicking power. Grip is essential, that is what they will have more cleats as well.

What are the best cleats for a flanker?

These players need cleats that are generally heavier. This is because the need stamina and grip more than anything else.

How many studs are right for a rugby shoe?

The good shoe for playing any position, especially flankers should have 8 studs. They have to be arranged in a formation of 6×2.


If you are going to play rugby, you have no choice but get the right shoes. The list we have share above should be a place to start. We hope it helps you get great cleats.

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