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Best Nursing Shoes for Heel Pain Reviewed

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Best Nursing Shoes for Heel Pain

Are you looking for the best nursing shoes for heel pain but you are not sure where to start? You are home now.

It is vital that everyone finds shoes that are comfortable for their work. You need comfort, and support to perform well in your job, especially since you will be on your feet all day.

Nursing shoes are shoes designed for nurses, who spend most of their day running up and down. They are made with special consideration for such a working environment – comfort, stability and durability.

Recent statistics from The Permanente Journal shows that a nurse working a working a 10-hour shift can walk almost 3 ½ miles in a single day.

So that they don’t develop foot pain, blisters, and other conditions, it is important that you invest in such shoes. The shoes offer the fit with room enough for toe movement.

It is true that the feet affect the rest of the body. The right nursing shoes will, therefore, help maintain correct posture and allow natural motion in the feet.

Top 3 Nursing Shoes for Heel Pain Reviewed

1.    Dansko Women’s Pro Clog

If you know clog, then you know how millions of users love them. They are best known for unbeatable comfort and durability. This classic construction is the true definition of style, stability, and comfort. It is built by hand and designed with poor construction.

The clogs allow you to roam around freely as you can clean any dirt comes on it. They come in different sizes; you can never miss one that fits you. Let your day be filled with joy and your work made easy by choosing the right kind of shoes.

For stability, clogs allow you to stand with equal weight on both feet. When buying clogs, remember to try on the shoes on both because some people’s feet are different sized.

Because nursing requires you to spend hours working, you need to pick for a collection that gives you the freedom to work with ease. With the polyurethane rocker-bottom that is in each shoe, you can be sure your feet, legs, and back are protected.


  • Leather – 100%
  • It is made in the US or can be imported
  • Made with a Polyurethane sole
  • Padded instep collar
  • Features reinforced toe box which protects your feet.
  • Wide heel for stability
  • Inner frame PU for reduced torque

2.    Algeria women’s Debra Slip-On

The Algeria Debra Professional Classic is a true ally for those who spend longs hours on their feet. And that is what nursing involves. It is always walking up and down trying to help other people. And in this case, you need women’s clog designed for women’s comfort. It is all about safety at your, and the shoes you choose will make the difference.

The shoes have a roomy toe box to leave steps for your feet to get enough breath. Poor toe movement is among the issues that cause feet problems. Since this clog has enough space, you do not have to worry about this. The best part is the leather-covered latex and memory foam footbed cushion. With these, you can walk or stand for hours without feeling tired in your feet.

You can customize these shoes by correcting the insole. If you think the one that came with the shoes is not fit for you, simply remove it and replace it with your own.

Top characteristics :

  • Made with 100% leather
  • It can be imported
  • Has a synthetic sole for extras support
  • Heel measures approx 1.5” while Platform measure 1.”
  • Made with enough room for your toe.

3.    Sketchers Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

Working as a nurse can be very exhausting. However, the kind of shoes you choose can make it seem like nothing. Sketchers have been proving comfortable footwear combined with fashion since 1992. Their collection includes a variety of performance-driven shoes that can be worn for different occasions.

Sketchers Foam Lace-up Sneaker is a true definition of style and comfort. Anyone could expect this, considering Sketchers are an award-winning product. They are the global leader in lifestyle footwear. These shoes are not only designed for style. They are also meant to meet your needs at every level of your working schedule. They are of high quality and affordable products that will meet your needs beyond expectation.

Here are the characteristics that make them fit for the job:

  • They are 100% leather making them durable
  • They are imported to the US. Though they are also locally manufactured.
  • With a rubber sole for extra grip and comfort
  • They feature a sole supportive unit with a breathable mesh lining.
  • The outsole has no marking
  • Heel measuring 1 ¼ inch


Nursing Shoes for Heel Pain Buying Guide

Sometimes buying nursing shoes can be overwhelming. More so for those who are doing for the first time and have no idea where to begin. That should be a problem anymore since we have highlighted the most important considerations.


You are looking for shoes that will serve you for a long time. Good nursing shoes are very expensive. Those made from 100% leather are a long-lasting ticket to work. You wouldn’t want to spend money on buying shoes now and then.

Slip resistance

On a busy day, it is all about rushing up and down trying to save a life. It would be unfortunate if the shoes you wear don’t grip well on the floor. The rubber sole is the best for slip resistance.

Comfort & Arch support

One of the reasons nurses get tired too first is when they are wearing wrong shoes. You want to make sure you are comfortable as possible with enough support on your feet. The best shoes have foam lining with enough toe space.

Upper & Lower Material Quality

The quality of the material on and in the shoe makes all the difference. You aim a combination of style, durability, and comfort.


There is no doubt nursing quite a demanding job. Chances of staying on your feet the whole day are very high. This means you need footwear that is made for the job. The items reviewed above are the best on the market. Even better, it should be easy seeking for the perfect work shoes.

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