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Best LED Shoes that Light Up on the Bottom 2018

7 Best LED Shoes that Light Up on the Bottom Reviewed

best led shoes that light up on the bottom

If you haven’t known about these shoes, and you imagine them as kids light shoes, you are wrong. Kids light up shoes are lighted up with every step they make. Meanwhile, the light up shoes will remain lit. With such high demand, many brands offer the line up of the light up shoes to the market. Truth is that not all shoes are created equal. That means you need to keep in mind few things before purchasing.


  1. Sanyes – LED Shoes for Dancing
    led light up shoes

  2. HOFISH – Boys & Girls LED Strip Shoes
    led shoes

  3. HOFISH– Light Up Running Shoes
    led shoes that light up

  4. TcIFE
    led strip shoes

  5. MEISUS – Flashing Sneakers for Little & Big Kids

  6. COODO – For Toddlers & Kids
    shoes that light up at the bottom

  7. Odema – Unisex Light Up Shoes
    flashing shoes


Criteria for Selecting the Best LED Light Up Shoes

Comfort of the Shoes

Some brands out there don’t know the real concept of light up shoes. The result is obvious. The addition of lighting on the bottom of the shoes can hinder the performance of the shoes themselves. The added lighting feature should not obstruct the main function of your shoes. A good pair of shoes is one which you can wear conveniently. The addition of lighting gear should not add more weight which makes your exhausted. Besides the comfort, also check the weight of the shoes.


LED Colors

The second important thing to consider is to pick the LED colors that you like. If you like variations, you could pick a pair which has different colors of lighting. Most recent light up shoes come in different colors modes. And most popular brands also add the switch to the shoes so that you can change the colors anytime you want. So, there are light ups shoes for everyone.


Modes of Lighting

The modes of lighting can vary from one model to another. If you purchase online, you might be limited to the features that you’d like to check. It is a great idea to visit the physical store to see it for yourself. Most of the shoes have different types of lighting to choose. Some of the popular types of lighting mode are dancing lights, steady lights, glowing lights, and so on.


Is it User-Friendly?

You won’t know until you test it yourself. Is it easy for you to control the lighting mode in the shoes? For most starters, it does not take a long time to understand the system. You could ask the salesperson of the shoe store about it. Most recent models also come with USB charger in which you could connect the USB cables to charge the lighting gear. You also need to make sure that you can control the colors and modes of lighting without any hassle. There is no point in sticking with a knotty lighting system. You should leave the product which has that kind of system. Find out as many information as you can about the specific pair of shoes before making a decision to purchase.


Longevity of the Lighting

The shoes that light up on the bottom relies on batteries as their main source of power. Good lighting system plus long-lasting batteries are a killer combination. These will allow you to enjoy using the colorful lighting longer. A good pair of light up shoes should be able to cater your needs for up to eight hours. Fully charged light up shoes will last for several hours, depending on the mode you choose. To charge, ensure that the lighting is turned off, then plug it up.


Are you proud of Wearing LED Shoes that Light Up?

The right light up shoes for you are ones which you are proud to wear. You can show them off to your friends, family, and even strangers in the crowd. You need to make sure that you will wear them with confidence. You can walk, dance, jog, show off with them. It is absolutely wrong if you purchase a pair of shoes that you are not comfortable in wearing.


Choose the Style and Design that Matches Your Personality

It is an absolute rule that you can’t overlook. You need to define your personal taste through something that you wear on daily basis, in this case, the shoes that light up on the bottom. Just like buying other fashionable items, just make sure that it matches your personal taste.

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