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Best Indoor Soccer Shoes 2018

Before we review in-depth on our best indoor soccer shoes collection, let us get to know of what indoor soccer really is ? Derived from the standard kind of soccer, the indoor soccer is slowly gaining in popularity all over the planet.

Played in walled indoor arenas, this sport started as a solution for those who wanted to play soccer during the winter – and now thousands of people are playing it during all seasons and everywhere around the world. Just like its well-known cousin, the indoor soccer also requires the players to wear some appropriate apparel, with indoor soccer footwear being the most important part of it.

Best Indoor Soccer Shoes for Men & Women

You’d like to become a futsal player, but have no idea which would be the best turf soccer shoes for you? Have no worries – we’ve decided to check out the top soccer shoes for indoors and have a detailed look at their design, features, comfort, advantages and disadvantages.

All of these futsal or indoor soccer shoes are made by reputable and well-known companies who also make one of the most expensive soccer shoes (for professionals), and many people are using them for indoor soccer and claim that they are comfortable and very functional.

But are they right about that? We’re going to check that out – stay with us and read our short but comprehensive and unbiased reviews about the currently best futsal shoes available in the market.

8 Top Indoor Soccer Shoes Reviews

1 – Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoes

best indoor soccer shoes
Who doesn’t know about Adidas? This German company is one of the most famous sports apparel manufacturers, and we’re always pleased to have their products on the review.

Even though they’re pretty simple, these shoes are actually quite functional – they’re made from a combination of rubber and leather, and sport the die-cut EVA insoles that provide the much-needed lightweight comfort.

The rubber part is, of course, the outsole – it gives an excellent grip on the indoor surfaces, which is ideal for those interested in indoor soccer. One other great thing about these shoes is the fact that they require no special treatment – they’re just a solid pair of footwear for both the recreational and the seasoned players of the indoor soccer. This shoe also helps players jumping high and catch that header ball provided by the wing player on the field.

As you can see, Adidas did it once again – they produced a very simple pair of shoes that look and feel great, and we’re sure that any indoor soccer player would really like them. They have our recommendation! Even though they’re comfortable, the new Samba’s still have some minor problems which some people might find bothersome – the toe box is a bit smaller, and the shoe tongue is really long and rubs the ankle.

2 – Nike Kids JR Mercurial Vapor XI IC Indoor Soccer Shoes

the best indoor soccer shoes

As yet another pair of shoes in the Nike’s Mercurial Vapor series, these shoes have a lot to offer. On the first look, they look like an excellent choice for indoor soccer – let’s see if that’s true!

The Mercurial Vapor XI IC shoes can be bought in a variety of different color combinations, like black, crimson, green, pink, and others. All of them look pretty good, which is quite important for the soccer-loving kids who like to experiment with the colors. The shoes are synthetic, combining the rubber soles with the ultra-thin microfiber leather.

The manufacturer claims that this choice of the material causes the footwear to mold to the shape of the user’s foot – we’re not really sure about that, but they are definitely comfortable. They also have a traditional lace-up closure.

Featuring a great combination of bright colors and a suitable choice of the materials, the new Mercurial Vapor shoes are almost flawless. The high user ratings are surely justified – we can only join them! Some kids probably won’t like the fact that these shoes have a pretty tight squeeze on the foot.

best indoor soccer shoes reviewsThese shoes could be ideal for indoor soccer enthusiasts who are looking for a budget-friendly option – they are quite affordable and sport a good combination of colors and the materials. Let’s check them out!

As we said, the color selection is pretty good here – all pairs of the Performance Men’s Soccer footwear come in a combination of three different colors of your choice. We had the ones with black, purple, and orange, and they looked stunning.

When it comes to materials, these shoes feature rubber soles and a combination of textile and leather on the upper side, which makes them pretty lightweight (2 pounds). The outsoles that we mentioned are pretty grippy, and during the testing, we tried running in them on the wooden surface – they felt great, although a bit too narrow at times.

When it comes to pros, these shoes have a lot of advantages, with the first of them being the reasonable price. Their soles are really grippy and perfect for indoor arenas, which is something that the soccer fans will certainly appreciate. The shoes feel a bit too narrow at some occasions, and it will take some time for you to break into them.

4 – Puma Men’s Invicto Sala Soccer Shoes

best futsal shoes reviewsJust like Adidas, Puma is also a well-known apparel manufacturer from Germany, with their products being loved and used but the athletes all over the world. Today, we’re going to take a look at their “Invicto” which is one of our best soccer shoes for playing indoor on the list.

The first thing to notice here is an elegant combination of leather and textile, which feels pretty great to touch. On the upper side of the shoes, we can see that there is a traditional lace-up system as well as the plethora of small holes for the breathing.

The soles, on the other hand, are made from rubber and provide the user with a stable grip on the wooden surface. The footwear also features the rubber toe enforcement for the ball-kicking and comes in a great variety of color combinations – the ones with a mix of yellow and black look especially attractive, in our opinion.

There’s not much left to say here – Puma’s engineers and designers definitely did a good job here, providing the users with a good grip, comfort, and the color selection. Make sure to purchase a pair of shoes one or two sizes larger – they’re quite narrow and not good for people with wide feet.

best futsal shoes

This is where we come to yet another budget-friendly option – made by Kelme, these shoes come with a reasonable price and are a good choice for people with thinner wallets.

Even though they’re cheap, the Men’s Michelin Soccer Shoes come in a variety of different colors – there are eight of them, and we’re sure that everyone will find a combination of colors to his liking.

As the name suggests, the ball control is pretty easy with this footwear – it features an exclusive rubber technology, provided by the famous Michelin and giving the user an incredible futsal performance. The flexibility and the surface resistance are also quite good for the shoes in this price category, as well as the overall comfort during the activities such as indoor soccer.

As far as we’re concerned, Kelme and Michelin should definitely team up again – these shoes are actually pretty great, and their affordable price is a massive plus. We recommend them!

Since they’re cheap, these shoes come with their own set of (minor) flaws – they’re a bit bigger than they should be and could cause blisters and the arch support surely isn’t the best we’ve seen so far.

indoor soccer shoesAs the name suggests, these indoor football footwear are all about the performance – they are made specifically for the playmakers, and are also lightweight and comfortable indoor soccer shoes. Let’s see the features!


Unlike some other models that we tested, the Adidas Performance Indoor Soccer Shoes are available in only two color combinations – the black/pink/green one, and the green/pink one. The first thing to notice is the well-crafted upper part of the footwear, sporting a very interesting texture on the synthetic surface.

The soles are, of course, made from rubber, and are grippy enough to let you enjoy the long indoor soccer sessions with no hassle or problems. Another thing that we really liked about these shoes is the classic three stripes design – it’s something that made Adidas famous and still looks awesome, even after all these years. We should also mention the affordable price – that’s always a big plus.

Nothing beats Adidas in terms of the design, and it looks like it will stay so. These shoes sport a fantastic look but are also quite a nice choice for playmakers who like full control over the ball. Some people might find these shoes to be too narrow for their feet.

7 – PUMA Momentta Vulcanized Sala Indoor Soccer Shoes

top indoor soccer shoes

Even though they’re a few years old, these shoes are still quite popular on the websites such as Amazon and eBay. They look good and feel good, so there was no way for us to avoid reviewing them.

As expected, the Momentta Vulcanized Shoes are made of synthetic materials, like many other sports shoes that we’ve reviewed so far. The soles are also synthetic, while the midsoles feature the reinforced toe bumpers, preventing the injuries during the ball-kicking.

The signature Puma “Formstrips” are on the both sides of the shoes, while the soles feature a big PUMA logo on the heels. When it comes to comfort, we were pretty satisfied – the only things that we didn’t like are the weak arch support and the lack of space for the toes. The only available color combination is blue/white.

As you can see, the Momentta’s are a pretty standard pair of indoor soccer shoes, which is exactly why they come at a standard price for this kind of apparel. You won’t make a mistake by purchasing them!

Like we already mentioned, our only complaints are the small toe box and the weak support for the user’s arch.

8 – PUMA Men’s Evospeed Sala Soccer Shoe

best indoor soccer shoes 2018Of all the indoor soccer shoes that we tested so far, these are definitely the most eye-catching! The PUMA’s Evospeed indoor soccer shoes are well-designed and very flexible, so let’s have a more detailed look at them.

As we already said, these shoes sport a very attractive design – one can buy them in various combinations of very bright colors, with all of them looking just amazing. When it comes to materials, there is the standard rubber sole and the upper part that’s made of textile and the synthetic fabrics, featuring the mesh panels on the sides and the toe guard made of rubber.

All of this makes the footwear very lightweight and flexible, which is something that every futsal player will definitely appreciate. We should also mention that the EVA midsoles feature the optimal cushioning, which makes the shoes pretty comfortable.

Made by the global athletic brand, these shoes are as great as we expected them to be. Their design is very attractive, and we can say nothing bad about their functionality. It will take some time before you break into these shoes – they are narrow and surely not suitable for people with big feet.

What to Look for When Buying Indoor Soccer Shoes ?

There are a lot of indoor soccer shoes out there, and we tried to cover the models that are most popular and are getting high ratings from their users. Puma, Nike, and Adidas definitely know how to make good footwear for this kind of activity – in most of the cases, their shoes are comfortable, flexible, and come with all those little features that are just necessary for the futsal – like the toe guards or the rubber soles for the surface resistance.

How much should you Spend on Indoor Soccer Shoes ?

If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, we’d recommend you to check out the Kelme-Michelin 360 shoes, as they’re very affordable but still highly functional. If you’re looking for an attractive pair of the best futsal shoes, take a look at the Puma’s Evospeed shoes – nothing beats their great design and the bright colors.

Our favorite pair would probably be the Invicto from Adidas – rare are the shoes that could beat these ones in terms of comfort and functionality, and they even come with a pretty reasonable price. Be sure to check out our other reviews, and we’re certain that you’ll find the indoor shoes for playing soccer that suit your needs the most. We wish you a great time with them during your Futsal sessions!

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