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Best Football Cleats for Wide Receiver Reviewed

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Every position in football requires specific cleats. Linemen, running backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers all need cleats made for the position.

Wide receivers are also called “wideouts” and are simply receivers.  This is the offensive position in American or Canadian football. They are key players and their name comes from their duties – they split out wide away from the rest. They play a very important role in the team, opening up the field.

To be effective as a receiver, you need cleats that dig well into the ground to give you enough traction. Our list of the best football cleats for the wide receiver can help enhance your performance and win matches for your team.

3 Best Football Cleats for Wide Receiver Reviewed

Nike Vapor Pro 5

These are cleats designed for experienced players. These Men’s Untouchable Pro Football Cleat is designed to hold the ground firmly. They are made with Mesh and synthetic skin which gives them the lightweight features and proper fit.

They are designed for breathability so you can continue to enjoy the game even when you are sweating. The mesh upper allows proper air flow to keep your feet safe. Even when the rest of your body is sweating, your feet will remain dry.

The cleats come with midfoot Flywire cables. This provides enough support and lock-down. A one-piece inner sleeve inside the shoes offers a sock-like fit. It perfectly wraps your ankle to offer support as well as protection.

The cleats also have a carbon fiber plate that gives your foot enough stability. You don’t need to sacrifice flexibility. This innovative and flexible cleat optimizes traction, giving quicker cuts and acceleration.


  • They come with strong Nike sole
  • Made for football
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable


  • They tend to run thin on the toe space

Adizero 5

There has been a great improvement in the Adidas products. There focus on football cleats makes them the favorite brand for many footballers. And the adiZero 5-star 7.0 does not disappoint. It is made with a priority on comfort, the same thing Nike did on Vapor Shark 2.

These cleats are designed with a foam insole that cushions the wearer against foot impact. They also come with padded tongue and collar, with a soft lining that makes them worth every penny. If you were worried about the blister, this is a quick way to say goodbye to such.

The upper material is a lightweight synthetic optimized to achieve the best speed. They are calling them the Sprintskin. It is flexible offering you off the line maneuverability with comfort.

If you are looking for good grip in your shoes, you have it all in adiZero 5-Star. They feature rubber spikes that will provide you with extra energy in every sprint.

They come at a very reasonable price. If you consider durability, then you will realize the real value of your money in the footwear. They are a great pick for those prone to wearing clits for just a few months.


  • They have a flexible upper with comfortable inner lining
  • They are quite durable
  • Excellent receiver cleats


  • N/A

Under Armour C1N

As a wide receiver, it is important to sprint with cleats that support your foot and ankle. The C1N MC is great at this. The branding for the clits may be for quarterbacks, they have great snug fit and agility, which every receiver can rely on.

The ankle collar is mid-cut, joined to a 3-D molded tongue that makes the shoe look excellent. These features provide the wearer with excellent stability for sprints and turns.

In the footbed, lies 4D foam that adapts to the shape of any foot. With this, you are sure to get rid of annoying internal slippage. Just make sure you pick the right size – the fit so well it almost feels like part of your foot.

Just like any other Under Armour products, the C1N MC is made with ‘Pebax.’ They also come with full-length carbon. This makes them light while offering proper protection.


  • They offer great support and stability
  • They are lightweight yet good enough on protection
  • Extremely comfortable, with foam footbed


  • They run a little small


Things to Consider before Buying Football Cleats for Wide Receiver


Types of Football Cleats

This is the first consideration to put in mind when choosing cleats for a wide receiver. There are two types of spikes at the moment:

  1. The molded spikes. These are molded directly on to the bottom. They offer great performance on synthetic turf and grass surfaces. They are not removable.
  2. Screw-in spikes. They are separate from the cleat. This means you can detach and swap as you wish. They are most preferred because you can easily change depending on the weather.

Cleats Cut Type

You can get different types of cleat cuts at all levels. It is all about ankle support. The cuts include.

  1. Mid-cut. They come all the way to the ankle, providing excellent support.
  2. Low-Cut. They don’t have ankle collar. They reach the top of the foot. They are easy to get on and quite simple in design. There are players who find them great on movement and agility.

Material & Durability

The material that features in your cleats determines how far they will go. For the best cleats, the upper is made with mesh for breathability. Many are made with leather material, which lasts long.


There is no doubt that getting the best football cleats for the wide receiver can help you improve your game and stay away from any possible foot injury. The game takes energy, speed, and feet power. As a receiver, flexibility is vital in achieving your goals.

You can easily hurt your ankle during a high-speed turn. The best cleats and made to shield your ankle with a good grip while providing necessary comfort. We have reviewed the best products on the market. We hope you can find your fit.

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