Best Fitness Tracker for HIIT Reviewed

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What are some of the best gear you use when you want to get fit? Well you should not miss out on the best fitness tracker. You will have a more productive work-out if you add this component on your list. It is among the things that give you energy and power.

The market has really established since the past few years. And now there is something for everyone. You can get a tracker for a few dollars, while others can cost hundreds. There are simple devices that are simply for counting steps and ‘track sleep’ , and there are other that offer greater benefits with heart-rate tracking features.

High intensity training is a type of physical training that goes beyond the normal limit. It involves a series of high intensity workouts combined with relief and rest periods. In simple terms, you start by running row fast for a while, the slow down for a bit. There are different period various between sprints and recovery periods. It all depends on the goals you have set.

This types or training is close to anaerobic exercise and it is favored by many coaches around the world. You will need a good tracker to keep a tap on your efforts. The only problem is, there are so many products on the market that it becomes hard to pick the right one.

Our list of best fitness trackers for HIIT should make it easy for you to choose. We have carefully selected and reviewed the products to make sure you get the best put it.

Best Fitness Tracker for HIIT

1. Fitbit charge 3 SE

Fitbit Charge 3 has been reviewed among the best trackers today. And it appears top on our list because of it quality and functionality.

This is a device you can rely on for deep and light sleep, steps, distance and calories. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when you talk about the capabilities of this device. It can be applied to offer different needs including complete fitness and diet programmers. It is used via Fitbit’s app and sprawling ecosystem, which taps it an excellent tracker. Whether you are a beginner or a savvy, you can always rely on the features of Fitbit Charge 3.

Set numerous goals

This tracker allows you to set numerous goals. These may include steps, climbing stairs, moderate to vigorous activities, weekly goals, the number of days you have hit your targets and many more. And if you are concerned about your meals, you can enter them to log calories consumed. It has go everything you need to stay fit.

Accurate and reliable heart rate reader

The Fitbit Charge 3 SE is fit for serious exercises. You can use it to track your heart rate and avoid possible fatigue.

However, the screen turns off after a few minutes to preserve the battery. This means you current cardio zone will not be displayed. But that should not be a huge concern because you can always turn the screen back on by twisting your arm.

Auto-detection features

You can set this device to detect various common types of activities.  You don’t have to always press the button every time you change an activity. It will remember and record the time you spend in every exercise.

It can tap into the GPS of you phone, functioning as a speedometer. It will show accurate speed and distance you have covered. It records the accurate data to tell you when you have gotten fitter or you need more effort.

Why we like it

  • An excellent app overall
  • Can be used for multiple sports
  • Reads heart rate accurately
  • Gives performance score

Why we don’t like it

  • It has a mild capacitive button that is annoying at times
  • It has no in-built GPS

2. Moov Now 3D Fitness Tracker

This product does not have a cardio tracking capacity. However, it still good enough to merit inclusion. It comes with a six months battery life that can serve you for long time. Its water proofing to 30m makes it a better choice of wrist and ankle straps. An additional voice coaching makes MOOV Now an interesting wearable.


Some of the wearable for exercise and training can be quite daunting. They are heavy and can make your work-out more stressful. You will need your phone and secondary devices to track your position and pulse. But that will not stop you from getting the best from your work-out.

Multiple activities tracking

The Moov Now 3D tracking device can be used with different activities. It does not only track, but can coach you through swimming, cycling, cardio-boxing and seven-minute-HIIT workouts.

Coaching varies, and this is the device you will need to adjust through each. For instance, cardio boxing is more or less like Guitar Hero, only with more punching and voice inputs. Then there is plenty of motivation for seven-minute interval training.

The device handles well day-to-day step and sleep tracking. It comes with a standard, non-rechargeable watch types. You can forget about power for more than 3 months.


  • A long battery life that can go up to 6 months
  • A handy coaching device that can serve different activities
  • It is relatively cheap, compared to similar devices


  • Sometimes it can be stressful because you need external device connections

3. Fitbit Alta HR

The Alta HR can easily be referred to as Alta HER. This is because it is clearly aimed to provide a more friendly service for feminine consumers. It functionality is identical to Charge 2.

It is made with solid features but the caveats are similar to those of Charge 2. It comes with an even smaller screen. The only difference is that it is could be less reliable when the slimmer band does not keep it in place.

Great slim design

One of the best features of this device is how wearable it is. It is very slim. This feature makes it quite portable. It is designed for both functionality and design. The minimum circumference ranges between 170 – 206 mm. It contains a Bluetooth 4.0 radio receiver.

You have the power of a continuous yet-all day heart rate track. Even there have been issues like failing to sync even after a successful setup can be easily reset by restarting the device.

Great functionality

Apart from the heart rate, you can also measure calories burns and use zones. It can give you automatic tracking of your steps without any problems.

The device is water proof so you don’t have to worry about how much you have been sweating. It is flexible and can withstand temperatures of up to 14 degrees Celsius and more.

It can easily sync with other devices and operating systems like iOS, android and windows.


  • Compatible with different app
  • It is excellent and for the purpose it created for
  • Very slim
  • Great functionality


  • The pulse tracker may not serve so well for exercise

4. MYZONE MZ-3 Physical Activity Belt

Looking for a tracker that is both stylish and functional, you have got one in the Myzone MZ-3. It is specifically designed for workout, more than step and activity tracking.

The device is made with its app to accurately track your cardio effort during exercise. It allows you to compete with other via social media. You can work with a group and determine who among you is the fittest.  In theory, unfit people can compete with more advanced athletes, challenging themselves to work harder. But you have to be careful because some people are so unfit they are afraid of a skipping rope. This might make them afraid to try anything.

Tracking daily health metrics

You have a chance to get real tie feedback on your heart rate, calorie and effort. Through the live display of the data, you can see where you are coming from and where you are going. It is this feature that makes this tracker a favorite item.  Simply connect it to your smart phone and you are set.

Unique Myzone effort Points (MEPs)

Imagine getting rewarded for keeping health. There is no better way to get double benefits from your workout that this. These points are aimed at promoting fair competition with other users across the world.

Great Synchronization

It uses Bluetooth and ANT+ communication to offer great communication with other devices.  You can easily connect it with third party devices and applications.


  • Tracks your cardio accurately
  • Compete with others through social platforms
  • Long battery life


  • Not very useful outside the gym

5. Fitbit Ionic GPS Smart watch

Talk of great technology in workout activities and you will not miss to come across a smart watch. All Fitbits normally have a stab at notifications. Yet for the first time the IONIC is such a watch that is being marketed more in connection with fitness elements. Normally, you would find fitness bands being advertised with Smartwatch elements. This there is a unique device you can rely on.

Better features

You can compare the strength of the Ionic of that of the Charge 2. However, it comes with a better screen with video assisted workouts guides. It also has the ability to make payments without contact. You can receive notifications and use third part apps on this device.

Though these features are limited for now, but the device is quite promising. There are hardly any apps to connect to it and it only has three workout video.

More optimized heart rate tracker

The heart rate tracker has been fully optimized for more intense exercises. This is great in synchronizing it with your heart rate and capabilities.

However, this features starts to work better when your heart is really elevated. It is highly erratic to the lower cardio zone because of this.

You will need to remember where each cardio zone begins and end. Fitbit does not yet show what heart-rate zone you are on during the training process.

A brighter future

The best thing about Ionic is that it leaves so much room for development. It is only going to get better with time. It is a great fitness wearable you can use to keep track of your workout altogether.


  • The screen is nice and always on
  • A great list of features
  • Guided workouts
  • Smartwatch design


  • Issues with pulse tracking
  • Few apps so far


Fitness Tracker for HIIT – Buying guide


Consider the following when buying fitness trackers



There has been a wave of development in fitness trackers with better models coming up every day. For instance, nondescript black strap replaced the excellent charge 2. It came with its cores strengths like steps ‘n’ sleep tracking. A more advanced fitness functionality is evident with a reliable heart rate reader.

Having said that, features can show how reliable a tracker is. Consider what it is offering and try it out to determine it viability.

Set your limit

The best trackers come with built in optical heart rate monitors and GPS. These features are for athletes and serious workout enthusiasts. Before you buy, you need to set your goals.


There are three different styles that are most common: Bracelet, clip and watch. Most clip-ons can also be worn on the wrist. Bracelets and watches are hard to lose. But each of these styles has advantages and disadvantages.  Clip-on for instance are small device that are discrete and can be hidden anywhere. A Motiv Ring gives you fitness tracking from the finger.




There is not denying the proper workout can make you have a more peaceful life. However, it depends so much in the kind of gear you add to your activities.

Trackers have become so useful and applicable today. They help you monitor your heart rate in HIIT and ensure you are getting the most out of your activities.

It is important that you get the right tracker from the word go. Even though, there are many products on the market, very few have the ability to give the service you want.

We have chosen and reviewed the best trackers for HIIT above to help you have an easy time selecting. It is worth noting these are some of the top trackers in the market today.

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