About Us

We’re a team of people whose greatest passion are the shoes – we love them and know everything that there is to know about them! Our primary mission is to help people find the right kind of footwear for their needs – some people are looking for shoes that they can stand in for long periods of time, some to help them with their flat feet or shin splits troubles, while some are just looking for a good pair of sneakers for their sports activities, like indoor soccer. And with so many different brands and models out there, it might be pretty hard for the rookies in the world of shoes to select a pair that will suit their feet the most.

That’s why the members of our small but dedicated team take every review very seriously – we test each pair of sneakers with commitment and patience, taking a very detailed look at all of the features and writing down all the advantages and the drawbacks. We’re not biased towards any particular brand – our reviews are honest and unbiased, and also to the point and as comprehensive as it is possible. The same could be said about our other articles – the goal is to give you as much information as possible and make the buying decision a lot easier.

The shoes are, actually, one of the most important parts of someone’s apparel – they’re supporting the whole weight of your body, and our aim is to find you the most comfortable and well-made sneakers. There are a lot of them on the market, and we tried to find the best ones and check out if they’re really as great as the users and other reviewers are saying that they are. Read our reviews and find the right kind of quality shoes for your needs!